open joint checking account online

Information Correct As At 29.09.21. For Verification Email Us At [email protected] The new form you provide overrides any previous beneficiary designations. Skip any section referring to an opening deposit, debit card order, check order, or. Many people consider getting joint checking or savings accounts with a spouse or Parents often open a joint account with their teen as an easy way to.

: Open joint checking account online

Open joint checking account online
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Open joint checking account online
Open joint checking account online

Final Verdict

Joint checking accounts are an effective way for couples, parents and children, and business partners to manage money together, and the one you pick will depend on your circumstances. Make sure you look at all the features including interest rates, fees, ATM access, parental controls, minimum balance requirements before selecting an account.

While all of the choices on our list offer good joint checking account options, our top choice is Ally Bank’s as it doesn’t require a minimum deposit to open an account, doesn’t have any monthly fees, and has a large network of ATMs.

Compare the Best Joint Checking Accounts

CompanyMinimum Deposit Fees APY ATM Access 
Ally Bank
Best Overall
NoneNone0.10%-0.25%Nationwide but no cash deposits
Capital One
Best for Parents & Teens
Axos Bank
Best for Frequent ATM Users
NoneNone Up to 1.25%Nationwide 
Wells Fargo
Best for Branch Banking
$25$5-$25/month if qualifications not met NoneNationwide 
Presidential Bank
Best for High Interest
$100+ $5/month if balance below minimum balance 0.10%-2.25%Nationwide 
LendingClub Banking
Best for Cash Back
None None 0-0.10%Nationwide 
Evansville Teachers Federal Credit Union
Best for Debit Users
$25 None Up to 3.30%Nationwide 

Guide to Choosing the Best Joint Checking Accounts

Are You In Need of a Joint Checking Account? 

Whether or not you need a joint checking account depends on a few factors. For instance, will you need to share or manage funds with someone else? Do you want to be able to see how someone else is spending the money? Will it make your life easier to be able to achieve financial goals, budget, or pay bills if another person split the responsibility? 

How you answer those questions will help you decide if you need a joint checking account.

Compare Joint Checking Account Options

It’s important to know your options when comparing joint checking accounts. You will want to consider the following when comparing account options:

  • Account requirements: Before opening an account, know what you need to do in order to open the account and maintain it. You may be required to maintain a minimum balance in the account or make a certain amount of deposits per month. Different banks have different account requirements. 
  • Maintenance fees: Be aware of all of the account fees before signing up for the account. Fees can be charged monthly or annually and can be for maintaining the account, overdraft fees, and fees for not keeping a certain minimum balance in the account. Know the fees so you can compare them to the fees that other financial institutions charge. 
  • ATM access: Know if your account comes with an ATM card and if so, where can you use it? Are there out-of-network ATM fees? 
  • Online account management: Online banking and mobile apps help you manage your account and keep track of spending so compare these features before choosing a joint checking account.

Opening a Joint Checking Account 

After you have decided that a joint account is right for you and you have selected the institution where you’re going to open the account, you will need specific documentation to actually open the account. Typically, you will need your current driver’s license with your current address and you may need a piece of mail verifying that address such as a utility bill.

Additionally, the banker or online banking system will ask you a series of questions and run a banking check through ChexSystems that ensures you don’t owe money to any other banks which may prevent you from opening up a new account. 

After your account is successfully opened, you should receive your debit cards in the mail. Usually, it takes about ten days to receive them. In the meantime, you can set up online banking and start using your account.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is a Joint Checking Account? 

Checking accounts are bank accounts designed for frequent transactions, such as writing checks, making debit card purchases, paying bills, and sending money to other people. A joint checking account is simply one that allows for two account holders to share the funds and have access to the same account.

In the case of two adults, such as a couple, both would have equal authority to manage funds in the account. The same would be true of two business partners listed as joint holders of a business checking account. In the case of a teen checking account, however, the teen account holder generally has a more limited ability to control the account than the adult who is the primary account holder.

Should Couples Get a Joint Best islands in outer banks

The question of whether to pool your funds in a joint checking account is a highly personal decision. Even among married couples, keeping all or some funds separate is not uncommon, and can offer some benefits, especially if the two individuals have very different money personalities. 

On the other open joint checking account online, pooling all of your money offers significant logistical and time efficiencies. For one, there are fewer accounts to monitor. Also, one partner can take the lead in coordinating your joint money matters, rather than both individuals having to fully manage everything that’s in their name.

One common solution for couples is a hybrid approach, with some portion of their funds combined for paying joint expenses like the mortgage, groceries, living expenses, etc., while separate individual accounts are also maintained for more discretionary purchases, such as gift buying, hobbies, etc.

How Much Do Joint Accounts Cost?

With a little shopping around and choosing an account that meets your expected banking behavior, you should be able to avoid almost all fees on a joint checking account. One set of options will be those accounts with no monthly maintenance fee and no minimum balance requirement.

But don’t overlook the accounts that charge a monthly fee but make it easy to waive. For instance, if you can count on receiving at least one direct deposit paycheck every month, this will enable you to avoid monthly fees on many checking accounts. Similarly, if you’re confident you can keep $500 or $1,000 in your joint checking account at all times, this will waive the monthly fee on another group of accounts.

Monthly fees are only part of the picture, however. Before choosing an account, note whether you’ll have to dish out for your own checks and whether you’re likely to be charged ATM fees in a typical month given your expected ATM behavior.


To come up with the best joint checking accounts, we compiled a list of the most popular choices and researched more than a dozen accounts. We considered banks that were entirely online and those that had brick-and-mortar locations. We reviewed the monthly maintenance fees and minimum balance requirements, weeding out those with high fees or onerous minimums. We also assessed other important account features, such as the availability of free checks, ATM fee rebates, and Zelle payments.

Lastly, we looked for standout features that made an account especially attractive for certain types of joint checking consumers, such as those preferring cash-back rewards versus a high interest rate, high debit card use versus frequent ATM withdrawals, and physical branch banking versus online-only operations.


Deposit Accounts for Personal & SMSF customers Terms and Conditions (PDF 234KB)

Westpac Debit Mastercard® Terms and Conditions (PDF 372KB)

Online Banking Terms and Conditions (PDF 503KB)

Find out what information you need to provide to become a customer (PDF 657KB)

Before making a decision about any of our products or services, please read all the terms and conditions and consider whether the product or service is right for you. Fees and charges apply and may change.


1. Debit Mastercard: You need to be at least 14 years of age to be eligible open joint checking account online the card. If you're not eligible for a Debit Mastercard, apply for a Handycard to access your account.

2. Global ATM: A 3% Foreign Transaction Fee applies to overseas debit or credit card withdrawals. A 2% cash advance fee applies to credit card withdrawals where the "Credit" option is selected. A list of Global Alliance members is available. It is important to know that the functionality to withdraw money from a linked Westpac account via Credit Card is not available when using overseas ATMs, including Global Alliance ATMs. To ensure access to Savings and or Cheque account funds when overseas please speak to us about obtaining a Debit Mastercard®.

3. Card on hold: Available on personal credit and Mastercard® debit cards only. Cards to which a temporary lock can be applied will be listed when you sign in to Mobile Banking or Online Banking and visit Lock a card temporarily under Cards services.

4. Google Pay: Read the Google Pay Terms and Conditions before making a decision and consider if it is right for you. Available for eligible cards. To use Google Pay you will need to use a compatible device with a supported operating system.

5. Westpac Fraud Money Back Guarantee: Customers will be reimbursed for any unauthorised transactions provided that the customer has not contributed to the loss and contacted Westpac promptly.


World Mastercard®, Mastercard® and the Mastercard Brand Mark are registered trademarks of, and PayPassTM is a trademark of, Mastercard International Incorporated. 


Should I Open a Joint Bank Account With My Aging Parent?

If you’ve been helping Mom or Dad with money matters, you might be wondering: “Should I have a joint bank account with my parent?” The answer is, “It depends.”

That’s probably not what you want open joint checking account online hear. However, there truly is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to how much access adult children should have to their parents’ bank accounts, says Lauree Peterson-Sakai, aging client services strategy leader at Wells Fargo.

There are pros to having a joint bank account with parents if you’re helping with or overseeing their finances. There also are cons. So it’s important to weigh the decision carefully and consider other options that might be a better fit for your family’s situation.

What is a joint bank account?

If you and a parent have a joint bank account, that means you both are owners of the account. Your parent could add you as a joint owner to an existing account or you could open a new account together. Regardless of the approach you use, you both will have full access to the cash in the account.

The pros and cons of joint bank accounts

Having a joint bank account with a parent can make things easier for you if you are your parent’s financial caregiver. But there are risks associated with joint accounts.


  • You can easily monitor transactions and account balances to protect your parent’s financial well-being.
  • You can deposit or withdraw cash as needed to pay for your parent’s expenses.
  • You can act as a second set of eyes to catch unusual transactions and potential fraud.
  • You’ll have immediate access to the cash at the time of your parent’s death without having to go through the probate process. Those funds could be used to pay for final expenses.


  • You could put your parent’s money at risk if you have financial problems. Creditors can take funds from the joint account to settle your debts. 
  • Assets in the joint account could affect college financial aid eligibility for any children you have and your parent’s eligibility for Medicaid to cover long-term care costs could be impacted if you’re making withdrawals from the account. Those withdrawals could be considered a transfer of assets from your parent to you, which could make your parent ineligible for Medicaid for a certain period of time.
  • There could be tax complications of having a joint account. If the account earns interest, you’ll have to report the interest earned on your federal income tax return, as will your parent.Joint accounts also can have gift tax implications if the co-owners aren’t spouses.
  • All the money in the account will belong to you after your parent’s death, which could create problems if you have siblings.

When having a joint account does and doesn’t make sense

Having a joint bank account with a parent can be convenient, but it usually isn’t the ideal approach to helping your parent with money matters. If you have siblings, it easily could lead to disputes. They might assume you are using your parent’s money for your own benefit if you aren’t carefully documenting how the money is being spent. Or they might assume you’ll keep everything for yourself once your parent passes away. So when there is more than one child, a joint account can create more problems than it solves.

Peterson-Sakai of Wells Fargo says that a joint account could make sense open joint checking account online you are an only child and your parent wants you to take an active role in his or her daily money matters. You also must be committed to using the money in the account for your parent’s best interest, not yours.

[ Read: What You Need to Know About Being a Financial Caregiver ]

Safer alternatives to joint bank accounts

Your family has several options that might be a better—and safer—alternative to a joint bank account.

View-only access. Some banks offer account owners the option to give others the ability to view their account online, Peterson-Sakai says. If you’ve noticed your parent needs help with money matters or have just started stepping in, “view-only is a great first step,” she says. Ask your parent to consider giving you view-only access to his or her account so you can act as a second set of eyes. You can also use Carefull to allow you to view accounts that you or your parent links to the app.

Having a joint bank account with a parent can be convenient, but it usually isn’t the ideal approach to helping your parent with money matters.

Many banks also allow account alerts to be sent to third parties, Peterson-Sakai says. So you could get notifications when, say, your parent’s account balance drops below a certain amount or when transactions open joint checking account online made – if your parent is willing to have alerts sent to your phone or email inbox. You can use Carefull for this purpose as well.

Signature authority on accounts. Rather than make you a joint account owner, your parent could make you an authorized signer on the account. This will allow you to make transactions on your parent’s behalf. However, you might be limited to certain transactions—depending on what signature authority your parent wants to give to you.  

Power of attorney. Your parent could name you power of attorney to allow you to make financial transactions for him or her. This can be done by meeting with an estate planning or elder law attorney, who will draft a power of attorney document. As your parent’s power of attorney, you could gain access to all of your parent’s financial accounts, not just the bank account. However, you are required to act as a fiduciary, which means you must manage your parent’s money for his or her benefit rather than yours.

Ideally, your parent should notify his or her financial institutions if you’ve been named power of attorney. Then your parent can sign any additional documents the financial institutions require. If your parent hasn’t notified the bank or other financial institutions of your POA status and you need to start acting on your parent’s behalf, you’ll need to provide the financial institutions with a copy of the POA document (don’t give them the actual document).

Keep in mind that you won’t become the owner of your parent’s accounts as power of attorney. You’ll simply be managing those accounts and making transactions for your parent. Also, you shouldn’t use your power of attorney to take over your parent’s finances if your parent still is competent to handle things on his or her own.

Before making any decisions, consider discussing the options with a financial planner or accountant. A financial professional can help you and your parent chart the best course. 

[ Keep Reading: The Ultimate Guide to Financial Power of Attorney ]


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2Deposits include direct deposit, mobile deposit, ATM deposit or in branch deposit of any amount. Does not include fund transfers between Bank of the West accounts or any credits from Bank of the West. $10 monthly service charge is also waived if any owner of the account is under age 25.

3Foreign transaction fees may apply.

4A Premier Relationship Premium (available to Bank of the West Premier Checking customers) is a bonus interest rate on qualifying Choice Money Market Savings accounts for selected balance tiers. The standard interest rate plus the Premier Relationship Premium interest rate equals the Premier Relationship Interest Rate. The Premier Relationship Premium interest rates are set at the Bank’s discretion and are subject to change without notice. Only one Choice Money Market Savings account can be linked to a checking account. There may not be a Premier Relationship Premium associated with every balance tier.

5To automatically qualify for a Premier Relationship Interest Rate, you must have an open Bank of the West Premier Checking account and one Choice Money Market Savings account with the same ownership. The Premier Relationship Interest Td near me will be earned on your Choice Money Market Savings open joint checking account online, and is calculated as follows: On the last day of your statement cycle, your Choice Money Market Savings account’s end-of-day collected balance tier will be determined. If the Bank is paying a Premier Relationship Premium for that balance tier, that Open joint checking account online will be added to the standard interest rate for the balance tier into which your daily end-of-day balance falls each day during open joint checking account online next full statement cycle. The Premier Relationship Premium will be applied beginning the first business day of the statement cycle. Once set, the Premier Relationship Premium open joint checking account online not change during that statement cycle. The standard interest rate can change as frequently as daily. The Premier Relationship Interest Rate is compounded daily and paid to your Choice Money Market Savings account on the last day of the statement cycle. If you do not qualify for a Premier Relationship Premium as of the last day of any statement cycle, your account will earn only the standard interest rate during the next full statement cycle.

6Cash Back rewards are based on Net Purchases (qualifying purchases less credit, returns, and adjustments). 1% base Cash Back for every $1 of net purchases. Eligible merchants for the 3% bonus categories (2% Bonus Cash Back on top of the 1% Base Cash Back) include: (a) groceries (representing grocery stores/supermarkets, freezer/meat provisioner, miscellaneous food stores, bakeries, and candy/nut/confection stores); (b) Dining (representing open joint checking account online place restaurants, bars, lounges and fast food restaurants); (c) Gas (representing service stations and automated fuel dispensers). After $1,500 is spent on gas purchases each calendar quarter, you go back to earning 1% Base Cash Back.

7Lower rates may be available for Wealth Management clients. Click here for more information.

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Joint bank accounts

Can both people register a joint account with the Barclays app?

Yes, both joint account holders can register their account on the Barclays app on different phones, as long as the other account holder is happy for them to do so.

Will both account holders be able to view joint account statements online and in the Barclays app?

Providing you’re registered for Online Banking or the Barclays app, you’ll be able to view recent transactions for the joint account. Both account holders will be able to view joint account bank statements at any time.

Can I join Barclays Blue Rewards with my joint account?

Only one person can choose a joint account to join Barclays Blue Rewards. If the other person has already chosen your account, we'll let you know and tell you when you try to select it.

You can join Barclays Blue Rewards if you have another current account that's suitable and meets the eligibility criteria.

Can joint bank accounts have overdrafts?

You can apply for an arranged overdraft on a joint account. If you do, we’ll make a decision based on your financial circumstances and borrowing history. Please remember that both account holders are liable for money borrowed as an arranged overdraft.

Do I have to be married to apply for a joint account?

No – you can apply with any other personprovided they’re over 18 and living full-time in the UK. You’ll both need to meet the eligibility criteria for the account.

Can we each have our own debit card?

Yes – both account holders will receive their own debit card.

Can I have my own separate bank account as well as a joint bank account?

Yes, providing you meet the eligibility criteria for each account.


Should You Get a Joint Bank Account With Your Significant Other?

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