bb meaning in bb cream

What's the Difference Between CC Cream and BB Cream? I'm 82; that really means 21 again with 61 years of experience thanks to IT!" —Mildie. The consistency of CC creams tends to be lighter, like a whipped airy texture, and they offer lighter and more luminous coverage than a BB cream. FAQ · What is BB Cream? BB Cream is short for “Beauty Balm” or “Blemish Balm”. · What does BB Cream stand for? · What does BB Cream do for your skin? · Does Miracle.

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: Bb meaning in bb cream

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Bb meaning in bb cream
bb meaning in bb cream

What is BB Cream? An Ultimate Guide

It's safe to say that the ‘no makeup’ makeup trend is yet to be dethroned. It's been the go-to look for celebs and supermodels for years but, for some of us, it's taken a national lockdown to embrace the natural vibe.

Being housebound for the majority of 2020 has provided the perfect excuse to lay off the full-coverage foundations and switch to a formula that's lighter. Like, a BB cream.

Whether you need a little coverage for work Zoom calls or want to chill out but still look cute, BB cream is the makeup-skin care hybrid that delivers a flawless minimal makeup look.

We'll be the first to admit it's an area of beauty that's pretty hard to navigate, especially if you're new to it all. So to help you out, we've broken down all the info you need to find your perfect match (plus sorted you with some of the best BB creams on the market).

What is BB cream?

BB is short for ‘beauty balm’ or ‘blemish balm' and is a multitasking makeup product that is packed with skin care benefits, from SPF and shine control to hydration and anti-ageing effects. It usually offers a light coverage that is suitable for all skin types, making it a middle ground between a tinted moisturiser and foundation.

When should I use BB cream?

There's no bad time to wear BB cream. In fact, it's pretty much an all-rounder. It's especially good for the days you want to give your skin a break from heavy-duty foundations as it can be worn alone yet still provides coverage that gives off a 'put-together' vibe.

How to apply BB cream?

Applying a BB cream is just like applying your regular liquid makeup formulas. We prefer to bounce over our skin with a beauty blender in order to achieve a smooth, seamless finish, but using your fingertips or a makeup brush does the job just as well.

Do I need to apply moisturiser before BB cream?

This is a decision that's totally up to you. Applying moisturiser before your BB cream can further boost radiance and eliminate the appearance of dry patches, which is a win-win. If your skin is more on the oily side, a moisturiser beforehand isn't as necessary.

What's the difference between BB and CC creams?

We like to think of CC cream as BB’s sister. Standing for ‘colour correcting’ or 'complexion correcting’, it boasts equal skin care qualities but offers more coverage in order to disguise dark spots, redness and imperfections. You’ll also find that CC creams are less oily and lighter in texture than BB, making them the perfect match for ageing and combination skin.

Is BB cream better than foundation?

It depends on the occasion and your specific makeup routine. After all, no one product is better than another. But if you want something lightweight and breathable, we suggest sticking to a BB cream as it has a hint of colour and plenty of skin-boosting benefits. However, if instead how can i pay my old navy bill want something with full coverage to last all night long, foundation is your go-to.

The 8 Best BB Creams

Garnier Original Medium BB Cream

Garnier Original Medium BB Cream


Skin type:Combination


We’re kicking things off with a classic. The original Garnier BB Cream was the first of its kind and still holds its prestigious title today. Lightweight and sheer, it revives tired complexions and leaves you with a warm glow and subtle colour. With SPF built in, it also helps to protect you from the harmful rays of the sun, meaning it truly deserves to be on the list of best BB creams.

La Roche-Posay Effaclar BB Blur Cream

La Roche-Posay Effaclar BB Blur Cream


Skin type:Oily


Calling oily-skinned boys and girls, this BB cream is the beauty best friend that caters to all your needs and wants. Specially formulated to blur the appearance of pores and blemishes, you can create a uniformed canvas that stays slick-free throughout the day.

Rimmel BB Cream 9 In 1 Skin Perfecting Super Makeup SPF 15

Rimmel BB Cream 9 In 1 Skin Perfecting Super Makeup SPF 15


Skin type:Normal

Coverage: Medium

Whether you want to prime, moisturise, conceal, cover, smooth, mattify, brighten or protect, this is the best BB cream for the job. It does it all! Comfortable to wear, this lightweight formula will give you a healthy glow and is a must-have on the days you’re running behind schedule.

NARS Cosmetics Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturiser SPF 30

NARS Cosmetics Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturiser SPF 30


Skin type:Dry


Okay, we know this isn’t necessarily a BB cream but it’s too good to leave out and it’s a cult-favourite amongst beauty buffs. When your skin is in need of a little help, this tinted moisturiser works to renew cells, condition skin and boost radiance, all while giving you a featherweight, natural coverage.

Jane Iredale Glow Time Full Coverage BB Cream SPF 25

Jane Iredale Glow Time Full Coverage BB Cream SPF 25


Skin type:Mature


Wave goodbye to fine lines, wrinkles, uneven skin tone and dark spots, as this BB cream camouflages and brightens it all. 100% vegan and composed with all-natural minerals, Glow Time works around the clock to protect and nourish your complexion, all whilst lacing it with full coverage.

Pixi Beauty Balm

Pixi Beauty Balm


Skin type:Normal


This Pixi beauty balm is the true definition of having your cake and eating it. Offering excellent skin care and makeup benefits, it provides a medium to full coverage as well as a dose of hydration. Not to mention, a cocktail of hyaluronic acid, antioxidants and camomile extract help to plump and firm skin.

Erborian BB Creme 45mlmidfirst online mobile banking BB Creme 45ml£31.45

Skin type:Dull


K-beauty brand Erborian know a thing or two about skin care-makeup hybrids, and this BB cream is certainly one to add to the list. Whether you use it alone or mix it with your daily moisturiser, smooth skin and a radiant, velvet-like complexion is a guarantee.

Stila One Step Correct

Stila One Step Correct


Skin type:Redness-prone


This one is verging between both BB and CC but it's a pretty makeup-skin which region was more industrial in the mid 1800s hybrid that we simply can't forget. Correcting your complexion is made easy with this triple-swirled serum. The innovative formula uses green to minimise the appearance of redness, lavender to combat sallow patches and peach to illuminate, leaving you with a picture-perfect base.

Whether you're popping to the shops, wanting to let your skin take a breather from heavy-duty foundations or need a lighter formula for summer, BB creams are the beauty staple that will satisfy both your makeup and skin care needs. If you're ready to take the plunge and purchase, head over to our BB Cream page. Or if you're still in research mode, why not check out 7 Ways to Protect Your Skin from Pollution?

Carly is a beauty editor at Cosmetify and has been a part of our family for three years. She has over five years of experience in health, beauty and wellness writing.



Once upon a time, there was foundation. And…that was pretty much it. It came in the form of cream, powder, sticks, you name it—and it was meant to be applied to the face to even out your skintone and correct blemishes.

But as of late, as the bb meaning in bb cream industry is branching out and diversifying, the stuff you can put on your skin has done the same. People who are new to makeup might be a little overwhelmed when they go looking for a simple foundation and find BB cream, CC cream, tinted moisturizer, primer, matte powders, and setting spray instead. But these alternatives to traditional foundation are blowing up in a big way, so let’s break down the basics.

Creams vs. Foundation

Simply put, a traditional foundation is just makeup. Foundation is typically fairly heavy and built for moderate coverage that paints over blemishes, redness, dark circles and discoloration. It’s the most dramatic way to get the appearance of a flawless face, but in many cases, it clogs pores, and all foundations do not agree with all skin types. Foundation capital one login my account pay bill slide off of oily skin, flake off of dry skin and irritate sensitive skin. But it comes in endless formulas and shades, and with enough looking, many makeup aficionados have found their holy grail foundation that’s perfect for their skin color and type.

BB and CC creams, on the other hand, are a marriage between foundation and skincare. They’re specifically created to be lightweight and subtle, and different formulas can remedy different skincare issues while gently evening out your skintone. They’re perfect for a no-makeup makeup look or a low-maintenance beauty routine, but the downside is that they come in a much more limited range of shades and finishes than foundations.

To BB or to CC?

Even though they’re both great alternatives to foundation, BB and CC cream have some key differences that buyers should know about.

The ‘BB’ stands for ‘beauty balm’ or ‘blemish balm’, depending on who you ask. Lauren Serra, Senior MUA at Blushington’s in NYC says, “[BB cream is] a multi-step skincare regimen in one application that provides more coverage than tinted moisturizer.”

The main draw of BB cream is their use of antioxidants and sunscreens that keep the skin both healthy and looking great. BB cream is light and buildable, and typically has a dewy or natural finish. People with dry skin find that BB cream hydrates them better than most foundations, and it doesn’t flake off or get cakey. However, if your skin is oily, you might have a hard time getting a BB cream to play nice on your face.

By contrast, a CC cream—'CC’ meaning “color correcting” or “complexion correcting”—is heavier than BB cream but still lighter than foundation. Its appeal is in its usefulness as a concealer that fixes redness, sallowness and dr jose carreras mission tx spots while providing soft, semi-matte coverage. Celebrity makeup artist Brittany Spyksma advises: “If you like the idea of a BB cream but have some skin issues like discoloration or redness, try a CC cream”.

CC creams have proven ideal for people with oily skin who struggle to get foundations or BB creams to stay put. They’re non-comedogenic and also serve as a primer that foundation can stick to. Dry skin, on the other hand, may feel dried out further by a CC cream’s matte finish.
So, if you’re just dipping your toes into the waters of makeup, try playing around with some light coverage creams and see what works for you. Be sure to know your skin type, and then go shopping! And be sure to check out our stock of skincare products here at Keshoume to keep your skin in good shape!


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BB creams are popping up on shelves everywhere – but what are they?

BB stands for beauty balm, blemish balm or beblesh balm, depending on which brand you’re looking at. BB creams are said to have originated from a cream that dermatologists recommended after cosmetic surgery to help repair skin and cover damage. They became popular in Korea after some actresses revealed them to be the reason for their flawless skin, and lo and behold, a trend was born!

What’s so great about them?

The main pro of a BB cream is that it’s a multipurpose product – most BB creams combine sunscreen, moisturiser and foundation/concealer. In terms of makeup coverage, they sit somewhere betweem full foundation and tinted moisturiser; however, unlike traditional makeup, they usually claim to improve your skin rather than clog it up. They often contain anti-irritant ingredients as well, so they tend to be good for sensitive skinned gals.

There’s a BIG difference in formula and function between the original Korean/Asian BB creams and the newer Western brand ones. The Asian BB creams generally contain better skincare ingredients and provide better coverage, whereas most Western BB creams are nothing more than glorified tinted moisturisers. Accordingly, BB cream devotees tend to use “true” Korean BB creams, and people who have only tried Western formulas end up disappointed. There are some exceptions with more Asia-centric creams released by Western brands, such as Bobbi Brown.

What do they do?

Almost all BB creams combine basic moisturising ingredients, coloured pigments and sunblocking chemicals. Additionally, some BB creams also contain antiwrinkle (adenosine), blemish-fading (arbutin), and anti-inflammatory (chamomile extract, beta-glucan) ingredients. Some BB creams also claim to minimise pores and control acne.

What are the drawbacks?

Colour range – The biggest drawback is that BB creams tend to only come in 2 or 3 shades – luckily, they tend to blend into your skin, so it’s not a huge problem, but using a sample first is recommended. Additionally, since the Korean brands produce their BB creams for an Asian market which loves skin lightening as much as Western girls love their tanners and bronzers, the creams can sometimes look unnaturally light.

“Ashy” problems – Because they tend to have very high SPF ratings, BB creams can look unnaturally grey or pink when you put them on, but this usually goes bank of america auto refinance interest rates after a few minutes.

How much? – The most annoying thing for me is that the BB creams have very nice ingredients, but they never tell you how much of each there is in there.

Is it for me?

If you want a one-step skincare product to slap on in the morning, and there’s a shade that suits your skin tone, a BB cream might be your solution!

I’m a massive fan – I love my sleep, and I hate spending time in front of the mirror when I could be in bed. I currently have Skin79 Pink Label, Skin79 Gold Label and Missha Perfect Cover on rotation – I haven’t quite decided which one works the best, but I love how good the results are for so little effort!

Which BB creams have you tried, and what did you think of them?

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True to its name, a tinted moisturiser is ideal if you want sheer coverage with hydrating benefits. Reaching for one will help cut the need for separate skincare and make-up steps. Those with less problematic pores (lucky!) will benefit from the minimal make-up look of this lightweight formula.

Best For Brightening:Caudalie Vinoperfect Radiance Tinted Moisturiser is the ultimate ‘all-in-one’ product. Its oil-free formula skews more skincare than make-up, providing sheer coverage while also moisturising, boosting radiance, and fading dark spots.

Best For Oily T-Zones:Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Tinted Moisturiser comes in an array of shades and boasts an adjustable-coverage – meaning you can wear it as sheer or as opaque as you fancy. Bonus: the vegan formula is made from purified water, coconut, and wild berry extracts so it nourishes skin without weighing it down.

Best For Skin Fatigue:Origins GinZing™ SPF 40 Energy-Boosting Tinted Moisturizer deeply hydrates, protects skin from sun damage, and evens skin tone with a natural-looking tint, bestowing an energised glow. So (no matter what happened last night) you’ll look like you got your full eight hours.

When BB creams, aka Beauty Balms, made their debut, we kept hearing about their incredible multitasking benefits. Now, we’ve fully embraced them as our morning saviour for their ability to prime, moisturise, and provide coverage all in one step. They feel lighter than a foundation but offer more coverage than tinted moisturisers. Many also contain nourishing ingredients to fight signs of ageing. As an added bonus, some even have SPF protection.

Best For Anti-Ageing:Bobbi Brown BB Cream SPF 35 is an all-in-one formula that minimises blemishes, brightens, moisturises, defends against UV rays, and diminishes the appearance of fine lines. The formula uses Argireline® – a wrinkle-busting peptide – to even skin tone, boost radiance, and soothe parched skin.

Best For Minimising Pores:Stila Stay All Day 10-in-1 HD Beauty Balm makes wrinkles and pores do a disappearing act. It contains mattifiers to zap excess oil and shrink the look of pores, while the velvety texture sweeps over wrinkles for a smooth, even complexion.

Best For Dullness:Marcelle BB Cream Golden Glow moisturises, primes, and adds light coverage with a glow - true bb meaning in bb cream its name - for an all-over luminescence. If you’ve had a long night or haven’t been keeping to your eight glasses of water a day, the formula will disguise the tell-tale signs (think: lackluster appearance and dryness) for a healthy-looking complexion.

If you're concerned about hyperpigmentation or redness, CC creams - short for "colour correcting" - will provide many of the same benefits as BB creams (like priming and moisturising with skin-loving ingredients) but with a focus on evening out tone. Similar to your favourite colour-correcting concealers and primers, they're designed to cancel out any discoloration, like dark spots or red patches, without needing to layer multiple products.

Best For Brightening:FaceD 3-LURONICS CC CREAM is a non-comedogenic formula that provides proper coverage for concealing blemishes without clogging your pores. It’s also infused with hyaluronic acid to provide a healthy dose of hydration that won’t leave your skin dried out.

Best For Acne: Dr Brandt CC Mat With Shinerase corrects uneven skin tone and controls shine by regulating oil production. Bonus: marine extracts help to improve the appearance of lines and wrinkles so it’s great for ageing skin too!

Best For Getting the Glow:Vita Liberata Illuminaze has transformative colour correcting pigments that magically match to your skin tone. Blurring and perfecting the skin surface, the moisture base how do i deposit a check at an atm calms and hydrates for skin that looks illuminated from within.


Most people tend to shy away from using BB creams as they tend to be thick in texture. But people with mature skin, on the other hand, will find BB creams to be just the right amount of thick. The best BB creams for mature skin offer skincare wrapped up in makeup.

BB creams, otherwise known as beauty balms or blemish balms, are like tinted face balms. And when you hear balm, you imagine a thick formula that goes on very creamy. And you’re right.

As much as it’s intimidating for people with oily skin, it’s gold for people with mature, aging skin. Because our skin tends to get dry and sensitive as we age. And that’s when you can consider BB creams as the best replacement for a face foundation.

Unlike CC creams or tinted moisturizers, BB creams offer more coverage. And just like any other tinted product, BB creams come in varying levels of coverage.

They also differ in finishes. So you won’t leave empty-handed. There are oil-free options if you’re dealing with adult acne. There are super emollient options if you have dry skin.

And there are SPF-infused options if you’re into multi-tasking products. And you can use these babies for pretty much anything. Prime, cover, protect -BB creams are an over-achieving bunch. So you’re in the right place!

The Best BB Creams For Mature Skin

Below are the best BB creams for mature skin to blur out imperfections and even out the skin tone.

Dr. Jart+ Premium BB Beauty Balm SPF 40

Dr. Jart+ Premium BB Beauty Balm SPF 40 - Best BB Creams For Mature Skin

As our skin tends to get dry and dehydrated as we age, we switch from oil-free products. And it makes sense because dry skin makes wrinkles more visible. If that’s you, then this BB cream with an amazingly radiant finish is for you. It’s very creamy, almost like a liquid balm. The Korean BB cream has a very emollient, rich base and simply evens out the skin tone, plumps up the skin, and just brings everything together.

Even though the coverage is supposed to be medium, you can definitely get it up to full if you apply it with your hands. It leaves the skin super radiant, smooth, and glowy. It’s also enriched with signal peptides to promote smoother skin and niacinamide to support the skin barrier. Plus, the BB cream offers sun protection, which is great for mature skin. But it’s a hybrid, meaning that it’s both mineral and chemical sunscreen. If your skin tends to react to chemical sunscreens, keep this in mind. Other than that, this is an overall amazing BB cream for people with mature skin.

Jane Iredale Glow Time Full Coverage Mineral BB Cream SPF 25/17

Jane Iredale Glow Time Full Coverage Mineral BB Cream SPF 25/17

And speaking of sensitivity, this is a mineral BB cream great for mature, aging skin that tends to get sensitive. It contains mineral SPF 20 and comes in a variety of shades to match your skin tone. It has a full, rich texture and goes on creamy, and applies super easily.

It covers up imperfections and brings a healthy radiance to the complexion. It blurs out wrinkles, texture irregularities, enlarged pores, and cancels out redness. This is full coverage, but you can absolutely tone it down by applying it with a wet sponge. The product is vegan, too. One thing to note here is that the SPF protection depends on the shade. So you will get either 17 or 25.

Shiseido Sports BB SPF 50+

Shiseido Sports BB SPF 50+

This is a BB cream with a major focus on SPF. It’s like sunscreen that acts like a BB cream. The liquidy texture applies very easily, just like a tinted moisturizer. It’s really difficult to label this one, to be honest. Because even though it applies like a liquid, it dries down quickly and settles like a foundation. But the most important benefit of it is SPF 50, which is the ultimate anti-ager.

It protects the skin boone county alternative center for education school wrinkle-causing free radicals. It has a natural finish -neither dewy nor matte. And it acts as a veil on the skin by evening out the skin tone and hiding blemishes. So if sun protection is as important as coverage for you, this is it. The natural finish is also ideal for people with oily skin.

CoverGirl Clean Matte BB Cream

CoverGirl Clean Matte BB Cream - Best BB Creams For Mature Oily Skin

And speaking of oily skin, this drugstore BB cream is one of the most affordable BB creams out there. The coverage is incredible and the finish is matte! It’s oil-free, non-comedogenic, and non-acnegenic. So if you’re prone to acne and don’t want to aggravate it, this BB cream is perfect.

It’s pretty full coverage, much like a foundation, and covers up any discolorations and imperfections on the skin perfectly well. You can replace your heavy foundation with this one to reduce the visibility of blemishes without clogging pores. I’m afraid there’s a downside because this doesn’t contain SPF. So you need to figure that out with another product.

Erborian BB Creme

Erborian BB Creme - Best Korean BB Creams For Mature Skin

In case you’re not familiar, Erborian’s BB and CC cream game is strong! And this is one of those pleasantly surprising products. This BB cream is so rich that you only need a tiny bit of product. But even though it feels rich and creamy, it doesn’t feel heavy on the skin.

It spreads out beautifully and kind of primes the skin but with the added benefit of tint. It’s smoothing and blurring on chase bank customer support phone skin and it leaves the complexion even. It has a beautiful, subtly radiant finish that freshens up your look just like that. Plus, it’s infused with antioxidant-rich purslane extract, licorice root, and ginseng. And it also contains a broad spectrum SPF 20 to maintain your glow.

E.l.f. BB Cream SPF 20

E.l.f. BB Cream SPF 20 - Best Drugstore BB Creams For Mature Skin

Contrary to others, this budget-friendly BB cream has a very light texture, much like a tinted moisturizer. So it’s practically weightless on the skin. The coverage, therefore, is not full, but just enough to enhance the skin tone and give you an even base.

It has a nice sheen to it, which works great for dry skin as matte formulas tend to separate and look patchy on dry skin. It hydrates and soothes the skin with aloe and cucumber. And it also contains SPF 20 for protection. If you don’t enjoy the traditional feel of a BB cream bb meaning in bb cream you need something really lightweight with light coverage, this is it.

Missha M Perfect Cover BB Cream SPF 42

Missha M Perfect Cover BB Cream SPF 42 - Best Affordable BB Creams For Mature Skin

This is one of the most hyped BB creams. And it’s perfect under one condition: you need to find the right shade for your skin tone. If you can manage that, then this is an overall amazing BB cream for mature skin no matter your skin type. It’s incredibly moisturizing for the skin and immediately blurs out fine lines and wrinkles with its creamy texture.

And it’s all thanks to its moisture-booster goodies like hyaluronic acid, squalane, ceramides, collagen, jojoba oil, and other botanical oils that are rich in fatty acids. The coverage is high and the finish is gloriously radiant! Besides SPF 42, the BB cream also contains arbutin to brighten the skin. It’s a plus if you’re dealing with hyperpigmentation too.

This completes our round-up of the best BB creams for people with mature skin. If you want to learn more about using BB creams for aging skin, keep reading.

What to look for in a BB cream for mature skin?

If you’re looking for a BB cream for mature skin, that means your priority is coverage. Because unlike CC creams and tinted moisturizers, BB creams are not super-focused on skincare ingredients like say, vitamin C.

For that reason, your priority should be your skin type. Very creamy, emollient BB creams are great for mature skin types. Bb meaning in bb cream just hug park community credit union routing number skin and freshen it up.

They don’t emphasize wrinkles or lines. If you’re prone to breakouts, try non-comedogenic options. Also, look for a minimum of SPF 30 to multi-task your products.

Is BB cream better than a foundation for mature skin?

Yes, BB creams can actually be better than a foundation for mature skin. BB creams don’t make sense if they don’t offer any advantage, right?

Well, for mature skin types, the most important advantage of a BB cream over a foundation is SPF. Makeup foundations, though they can sometimes be as potent as a face serum, usually don’t come with enough SPF.

As sun protection is the most important part of any anti-aging skincare routine, foundations fifth third bank colerain kroger hours multi-task in that department. So BB creams offer mature skin the sun protection they need with the coverage they can work with.

Another advantage of BB creams is that you can use them all over your face, including the under-eye area. So you don’t need a separate concealer.

How to apply BB cream on mature skin?

If you’re using a BB cream as a foundation, finish your skincare routine first. Make sure it’s clean and moisturized. If you want the best coverage from your BB cream, apply it with your fingers. Sponges and brushes work too.

But they soak up the product and can make you think that your BB cream doesn’t offer enough coverage. So get your hands dirty.

As most BB creams come with SPF, remember to wait for about 10 minutes for the sunscreen to settle before going under the sun. If you find your BB cream to be too glowing, you can mattify it by going over your face with a translucent powder.



How to use BB cream for beginners

BB cream is hailed as a miracle makeup-skincare hybrid, and the millions of women who wear it every day show there’s more than a little truth to that statement. It was the secret of Korean beauties for a while, but it really started taking the American beauty market by storm in 2011. In this guide, we’ll go over everything you need to know about BB cream, including what it does, how to use BB cream, and what brands to buy.

What does BB stand for?

Just to create some confusion, there’s not one correct answer to the question of what “BB” bok com online banking for. In Korea it’s usually known as “blemish bb meaning in bb cream, or “blemish base” which makes sense given it’s a base product for your skin. Sometimes it’s even known as “beblesh balm”, although what “beblesh” means, no one seems to know. It sure is fun to say, though!

In the Western world, “BB” usually just means “beauty balm”. That doesn’t tell you much about what the product is and what it will do for you—but it sounds good!

The “balm” part of the name is a little misleading. Bb meaning in bb cream suggests a product that’s thick and heavy, but most BB creams are quite the opposite. It’s a bit of a throwback to the original creator of the BB cream, a German dermatologist called Dr. Christine Schrammek. She developed the first blemish balm way back in 1967, as a protective balm to use after facial peels and other dermatological treatments. Can you believe BB cream has been around for fifty years?

So what is BB cream?

There are a lot of different types of BB cream on the market, but most companies seem to agree that BB cream is a multi-tasking skincare cream with added coverage—like a cross between a serum, a moisturizer and a lightweight foundation.

It sounds magical, and it pretty much is. BB creams promise to handle all kinds of skin complaints, from evening out skin tone, to brightening, to smoothing the skin’s texture. Some BB creams even have anti-aging properties. Most commonly you’ll see BB creams that have healing properties for pimples or zits (hence the “blemish” part of the name).

BB cream became popular in America and the Western beauty world after Korean TV and film stars embraced it for the perfecting effect it has on their skin on-screen. Korean starlets are the queens of beautiful, natural, fresh and hydrated skin—just picture someone like Song Hye-kyo—so people in Korea quickly began seeking out the products they were using. After Korean cosmetic companies mastered the product and it took the market by storm, the US started paying attention. Soon enough, BB cream came to Western shores and now it’s popular all over the world, with a huge market share.

How does it compare to other “alphabet” creams?

After BB cream became a global best-selling product, companies started coming out with other “double-letter” or “alphabet” creams. You might have seen CC creams, DD creams and even EE creams on the shelves of your drugstore or beauty salon. So what’s the difference between a BB cream, and, say, a CC cream?

CC cream usually stands for color-correcting cream, or sometimes complexion-corrector cream. It’s the product to choose for someone who wants to balance color in their skin. That might be excess redness in the cheeks, stock market prices today in usa rosacea, or it could be sallowness or hyperpigmentation. Different CC creams are available for difference color-correcting needs, but the most common is one that can counteract redness in the skin, often through a green tint.

Then you have DD cream. DD cream can mean “dynamic do-all” or “daily defense”. While a BB cream often focuses on blemishes and a CC cream focuses on color, the DD cream usually focuses on anti-aging. DD creams are best for more mature skins and for people who want to ward off the signs of aging, including fine lines and wrinkles.

Lastly let’s quickly talk about EE creams. At this point in the alphabet, any consistency has fallen by the wayside and there’s no agreement on what EE stands for. Estee Lauder claims to have invented the first EE cream (Amazon link), and theirs stands for “enlighten”, suggesting a brightening cream that helps even out the skin tone.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by all these alphabet creams, the famous june 1st birthdays choice is to consider a BB cream. While most other double-letter creams focus on just one skin complaint, BB creams are multi-taskers that offer a lot more all in one product. Choose a BB cream if you’re not sure which one to go for, and all your skin needs will be addressed!

What does BB cream do for your skin?

If you’re asking “What will BB cream do for my skin?” you might be better off asking what BB cream won’t do for your skin. Most beauty products have one main outcome: your moisturizer keeps your skin hydrated; your sunscreen protects it from dangerous UV rays and sun damage. Any BB cream can do both of these things, and more! To make it easy for you to understand I’ve broken down the main things a BB cream can do for your skin, and how it does them.


First of all, a BB cream will always have moisturizing properties. Feel it on the back of your hand, or on your face, and you’ll notice that your skin instantly feels hydrated and less dry. If you suffer from dryness, flaky skin or peeling, a BB cream will treat that right away.

BB creams hydrate by having high percentages of moisturizing ingredients. They are almost always water-based, and the water is paired with an ingredient like glycerin to keep it in your skin and keep your skin moist.

If dryness is a major concern for you, look for hyaluronic acid, or sodium hyaluronate, in the ingredients list of your BB cream. Hyaluronic acid is a molecule that can bond with up to 1000 times its weight in water, so it’s incredibly hydrating and perfect for dry and dehydrated skin types.


After you’ve applied a BB cream all over your face, you’ll notice your pores might look smaller and the texture of your skin might look more even. How can a BB cream smooth your skin? Again, let’s take a look at the ingredients. Most BB creams use smoothing silicones like dimethicone to improve the appearance of the texture of your skin and make your pores look smaller. These are perfectly safe ingredients that wash off at the end of the day, so you can enjoy the benefits safely with your everyday makeup.


Remember how “BB” often stands for “blemish balm”? That means your BB cream will be able to conceal and cover, and even help heal any active blemishes on your face. Whether your suffer from acne or just have a few hormonal spots, applying BB cream on top might speed up their healing. That’s great news, especially when sometimes putting foundation on top of breakouts can make them worse.

For example, the Maybelline Dream Pure BB Cream (Amazon link) promises to clear acne. It can fight breakouts because it contains 2% salicylic acid, a common treatment for spots that’s completely safe to use. Learning how to use BB cream includes understanding what these active ingredients do.


Because a BB cream contains some level of coverage, it will even out the appearance of your skin tone and help your skin look clearer and brighter. Some BB creams contain light-reflective ingredients to amplify this effect.

BB creams can also sometimes contain ingredients that will help brighten your skin over time. This feature is particularly popular in Asia, where a brighter skin tone is very desirable. This also takes us to the next feature of some BB creams…


The skincare and beauty market in Korea is very focused on having lighter, brighter skin. Whether you agree with it or not, there are a lot of products that can whiten the skin a little. Luckily, not every BB cream on the market will whiten your skin, but there are some BB creams that contain whitening ingredients.

One very popular whitening ingredient in Korea is arbutin. Arbutin is included in many skin-bleaching and skin-lightening creams. It’s not dangerous to use, but it’s important that you consider whether you want a lighter skin tone all over before you start using a BB cream that contains arbutin or another skin-bleaching ingredient like hydroquinone.


This is one of the fundamental features of every BB cream out there. You’ll notice all BB creams have sunscreen in them, and usually not less than SPF 20. Some BB creams go all the way up to SPF 50 or higher! SPF shows how much a product can protect your skin from UVB rays—those are the kind that cause sunburn, and can cause the development of skin cancer.

As well as having an SPF rating, you’ll see most BB creams also display a PA rating on them. This is an important thing to pay attention to. The PA rating shows how much a product can protect your skin from UVB rays, and it’s shown as PA+, PA++, or PA+++. UVB rays are the ones that penetrate deep into your skin and cause damage that you don’t notice right away. Instead, over time you’ll notice your skin showing sunspots and wrinkles. Using a base product every day that has a high PA rating will help ward off signs of premature aging.

Basically, a good BB cream will protect you from both UVA and UVB rays. This means it will keep your skin tone even, help ward off skin cancer, as well as ameren illinois phone and premature aging. I bet you’re beginning to see why BB creams are described as a miracle product!


The advantages of BB cream just keep coming. While we’ve been talking about skincare benefits of BB cream so far, it also has some fantastic makeup components. The ingredients in BB creams that help smooth your skin also make it a brilliant makeup primer. Put on a thin layer of BB cream before any other makeup, and it will make that makeup last longer and look better on the skin.

Using a BB cream as a primer also means that you won’t amazon co uk customer service chat to use as much foundation and concealer. Your skin will look smooth and perfected without looking like you’re wearing a lot of makeup.


Different BB creams bb meaning in bb cream different levels of coverage. Korean and other Asian BB creams usually have quite high coverage—comparable to a light- to medium-coverage foundation. These do a great job of evening out your skin tone, as well as covering dark circles or under-eye bags, spots and blemishes, without having to use a heavy concealer. You can use a BB cream as an alternative to foundation if it has a decent level of coverage, or on days where you want your skin to look more natural.

Some BB creams have a lighter texture, and more natural coverage, similar to a tinted moisturizer. These are great choices for when you don’t want to look like you’re wearing makeup at all, but still want to look your best. In fact, a lot of men wear these types of BB creams and you can’t even tell they’re wearing makeup!

How to use BB cream

The method you choose to apply your BB cream with will depend on how you want it to look, and what level of coverage you’re going for. Let’s work through them from least coverage to most.

Applying BB cream with your fingers

The most natural way to apply BB cream is with your fingers, just like you’d put on a moisturizer or other skincare product. To begin with, you want to make sure your fingers are clean!

Squeeze or pump a little onto your fingertips and dot it around your face, focusing on the areas you want the most coverage. Then rub the product gently into your skin, making sure to blend it thoroughly around the edges of your face and around your eyes and nose. You can pat your fingers over your skin to avoid pulling at it. This will also give you a nice dewy, natural finish.

How to apply BB cream with a sponge

beauty blender how to use bb cream

Applying a BB cream with a sponge will give a bit more coverage. You can use a small disposable wedge sponge, or a popular makeup sponge like the Beauty Blender (Amazon link). First, make sure your sponge is wet. This will stop the sponge from soaking up all the product. It will also give a nice even application on your skin.

You can dispense the product directly onto the pics of doc holliday, or use your fingers like the method above to dot it around your face. Then bounce the sponge across the skin to distribute the BB cream. Use the corners or narrow end of the sponge around your nose and underneath your eyes.

Apply more BB cream directly to the sponge if you want to build up the coverage in any areas where you might have redness or spots.

You can use the same sponge directly after if you’re planning on wearing more makeup over the top of the BB cream. A cream blush or bronzer applied with the same sponge walmart optical north olmsted ohio give a very natural, flushed effect—very popular in Korea.

The best brushes for applying BB cream

You can always treat your BB cream exactly like a foundation and use a brush. The shape of brush you use will determine how it looks on your skin.

If you use a duo-fibre brush it will give a very natural, lightweight finish on the skin. Duo-fibre brushes have two lengths of bristles, one to apply the product and one to work it into the skin.

For greater coverage and to apply BB creams that are thicker, a flat-top “kabuki” style makeup brush works best. These have a dense, flat area of bristles which will spread the product across the skin and build it up to a full coverage look. This method of application is best if you want to use your BB cream as a base for other makeup.

Cushion BB creams

BB cushion cream

More recently, cushion-style BB creams are coming to the market. These are contained in a little compact, and a product-soaked sponge dispenses the product. Cushion compacts come with a small powder-puff style applicator which you press into the product and then press or roll west central texas food bank your face. This is another way to build up coverage with your BB cream or just apply it to select areas.

When to choose BB cream over foundation

A key point in learning how to use BB cream is know when to use it. A BB cream is the perfect product to have in your makeup bag for when you want your skin bb meaning in bb cream look a little better than it does bare, but not look like you’re wearing a ton of makeup.


Throw on a light layer of BB cream, some mascara and a tinted lip balm for the weekend, whether you’re popping out for brunch, running some errands or even just taking the dog for a walk. It’s a relaxed look, and if you’re going outside the sun protection is a must!

The gym

We all know we shouldn’t wear makeup to the gym, but if you get beetroot-red after working out, you’ll want a little coverage. Because BB cream has such good staying power, it’s a great choice for wearing to the gym. And if you’re working out or going for a run outdoors, again, the sun protection is a saving grace.

High school

If you’re just getting into makeup, or if you’re in middle school or high school and aren’t allowed to wear makeup to school, BB cream is a good compromise. It’s a great way to take care of your skin and still give it a bit of color. If you’re dealing with teenage hormonal acne, a BB cream that treats blemishes will even help with that!

Best brands of BB cream

best bb creams

There are so many brands of BB cream out there, it’s local fast food restaurants near me to know where to start. Luckily, we’ve done the research for you and can recommend some of the best BB creams available, no matter what your skin type or skin need is.

Korean BB creams

It all started here, so let’s talk about the best Korean BB creams first.

Best Korean BB cream for pale skin

The Laneige Snow BB Cream has SPF 41 and PA++ protection. It’s lightening and brightening, and comes in a shade range light enough for even the palest skin. Benchmark community bank online is one of the most popular brands of BB cream, and with Song Hye-kyo as the face of the brand, you know it’s gotta be good.

Best Korean BB cream for coverage

Liole is a Korean brand that’s been around since 2003, and they offer a range of BB creams. The Liole Triple the Solution BB Cream (SOLD OUT) is a favorite of popular YouTuber Shaaanxo, and you can bb king guitar chords her using it in a lot of her beauty tutorials. Shannon rates the Liole Triple the Solution BB cream for its high coverage and performance as a foundation primer.

Best Korean BB cream brand

Skin79 (Amazon bb meaning in bb cream is one of the most popular BB cream brands, and for good reason. They offer a huge range of beblesh balms so there’s one for every need and skin type. Their products come in fun, bright-colored pump bottles and all have high sun protection, as well as offering good coverage. If you’re not sure where to start with BB creams, look at Skin79.

Western BB creams

Best BB cream for acne

The Maybelline Dream Pure BB Cream (Amazon link) includes acne-fighting ingredients so it can help heal while it covers. It’s best suited for oily or combination skin, which is the most common skin type for teenagers anyway. It’s really affordable too, which helps!

Best BB cream for mature skin

While anti-aging isn’t the number one function of BB creams, it’s a nice bonus. If you have mature skin and want a BB cream that will help slow the signs bank holiday in april 2019 in delhi aging, try the Garnier Skin Active Miracle Skin Perfector BB Cream (Amazon link). It’s available in multiple skin tones, and promises to immediately firm and brighten the skin for a younger and healthier look.

How to use BB cream: Recap

There’s a lot to know about BB creams, and we hope that this article has taken you from a beginner to someone who now knows what to look for in a BB cream. We’ve gone over what makes BB cream unique, how to use BB cream, and what brands to explore first. Once you’ve tried a few, you’re bound to find a BB cream that’s right for you.

bb cream expert
About the author: Morgan Ashworth is a New Zealand-based makeup artist and Korean beauty lover. You can find her rambling about all things beauty at Hyacinth Girl.

Further reading

BB creams are only the beginning. Learn more about Korean moisturizers, exotic snail creams, and more at our Korean cosmetics portal. Or check out the CC cream cousins.



What Is a BB Cream? Do You Need One?

The “BB” in BB cream stands for Blemish Balm, but you don’t have to have a single blemish on your skin to use it and love it. BB creams are great for everyone with any skin tone and any skin type. Learn where BB creams came from, how to use them, and which ones we recommend buying.

Where Exactly Did BB Creams Originate?

BB cream was created more than 50 years ago by German doctor Christine Schrammek. This cream was initially created to be used to help heal skin after skin peels or hide any scars and redness after a peel treatment. It was later introduced in Asia, specifically South Korea, where K-pop and K-drama stars made note of its ability to transform skin easily. With several big-name stars endorsing it in South Korea, consumers went wild for it. After consumers became obsessed with BB creams in South Korea, the trend made its way to Europe and the United States, where it has become a mainstay beauty and skin product. Now, all major American make-up and skin care companies are producing their own BB creams. In addition, Korean skin care and make-up products are also easy to find in the United States, which means you have many options to choose from when it comes to deciding which BB cream is right for you.

What Does a BB Cream Do?

A blemish balm or BB Cream is a multi-tasking skin product that can transform the look of your skin easily. For many people, this one product is all they need to look put together first thing in the morning. BB creams moisturize, provide sun protection, soothe skin, brighten skin, prime skin, and even out skin tone — all in one product. Some BB creams not only cover bb meaning in bb cream pimples but fight acne as well. Other BB creams can provide your skin with potent anti-aging ingredients like antioxidants and even peptides. Companies keep innovating and new formulations are available all the time, so every type of skin can find its own perfect BB cream. 

Isn’t This Just a Foundation?

Well, yes and no. A BB cream is like a tinted moisturizer, but with more coverage and many bb meaning in bb cream with an amazing SPF level. Each brand is different in its ability to cover blemishes and skin imperfections and even out your skin tone. While in South Korea, we purchased Tony Moly Intense Repair Snail Therapy BB Cream, and it gives full coverage and can literally erase any skin issues, but not all BB creams have such full coverage.

BB creams vary in coverage, color, matte vs. dewy, SPF level, etc… It’s definitely a product you might need to try a few different ones until you find the one best suited for you and your skin.

BB Cream Application Tips

BB creams are great if you don’t like a heavy foundation but still want some form of coverage. This product can even be used as a concealer or highlighter! Unlike a traditional foundation, a BB cream can replace other products in your skin care and make-up routine, like primer and even moisturizer if your skin isn't too dry, which can cut down time in your morning skin care routine. Just be sure to use extra sunscreen if you are going to be spending the day at the beach or outdoors. Using just a BB cream when you are outdoors all day long generally does not offer enough sun protection. On the days you are going to be outside all day, first apply your favorite sunscreen and then apply your BB cream on top, like a traditional foundation.

Products to Try:

As already mentioned, there is truly a BB cream for every skin tone and skin type, from the oiliest skin to the driest. Companies are finally producing a variety of shades that match every skin tone as well. As with all skin care products available, sometimes it takes a bit of trial and error to find the perfect product for your skin. But with all the great products available you'll be sure to find a favorite BB cream you love in no time. Here are our recommendations:

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