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SAN JOSE — Forward Jonathan Dahlen will miss his second straight game Wednesday with Visit the San Jose Mercury News (San Jose, Calif.). 1985 – 2021 | Mercury News obituary and death notices in San Jose, California. Search obits for your ancestors, relatives, friends. The obituary may be submitted to the newspaper at least three days before the funeral by any family member of the deceased or by anybody who is acting on. san jose mercury news obituaries submit

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Can I work on my Obituary Notice and save it without submitting it? 

Yes, obituaries can be saved and worked on at a later time. Once you have entered the text, there is a button on several of the pages that allows you to "Save for Later".

What happens if I get called away while creating an order and return later? 

It is very important to "Save for Later" if you are called away while working on an order. If you have already scheduled the order and accidentally submit it after cut off time, it san jose mercury news obituaries submit retain the run date and bill the order however, it won't appear in the paper.

What if I need to make a change or correction to a notice that's already been submitted? 

As long as the change is submitted prior to the cut-off time it will reflect in the published notice. Log in to your account, locate your notice in the "Your Current Notices" or "Future Notices" area and "Modify" the order. If you are paying by credit card and you change the cost of the order, you will be credited/charged the difference in cost.

What's the best way to set up date of birth and death?

The notice looks much better if the date is set san jose mercury news obituaries submit using Jan., Feb., Mar. instead of slash mark dates. You will need to abbreviate the name of the month - It looks best if the dates fall on a single line: Jan. 30, 1919-Apr. 1, 2011

How do I avoid extra blank lines at the bottom of the notice? 

Any order pasted from another source should be checked for extra space. Frequently there is a return that was done when the original text was typed on a Word Document. It can easily be removed by placing your cursor after the last period in the text and pressing delete a few times. Another method is to locate the cursor at the end of the white space and press Backspace until you reach the last period at the end of the last sentence.

Photos: Is JPG the only format that can be used for a photo? 

You can use jpg, gif, eps, tif, png and pdf.

Photos: Will the photo run in color in the newspaper? 

Yes, all obits in The Mercury News and the East Bay Times run in color.

Photos: How are photos charged?

Photos are charged by the line, the same as the text. The average photo is about 17 lines for a single column notice (template #1).  Double column notices will charge approximately where to find routing number first national bank lines based on the width of the notice.  

Is the preview an accurate representation of how the notice will look in the paper? 

Yes, it is exactly the same with the exception of color photos which will be converted to black and white.

What if I miss the cut-off time for publication? 

You will need to choose the next available date. If the date is gray on your screen, the cut-off time has passed.

Will the notice go on-line? 

Yes. Bay Area News Group uses, a national website for on-line Obituaries used by over 800 newspapers. Obits can be accessed through our websites (listed below).  With every published notice you receive a permanent guest book that can be accessed through our websites, a nicely represented copy of the notice, easily chase bank sherman oaks branch service information, ability to post photos, audio and video, a link to your funeral home's website, directions to the funeral home and a button that will read the Obit to you.  All guestbook entries are screened to ensure that the content is appropriate and respectful.  

What are the websites?

San Jose Mercury News, San Mateo County Times and the South Bay weeklies*:

South Bay Weeklies: Almaden Resident, Cambrian Resident, Cupertino Courier, Los Gatos Weekly Times, Rose Garden Resident, Saratoga News, Sunnyvale Sun, Willow Glen Resident

East Bay Times covers (Contra Costa and Alameda County areas):

Hills Newspapers (weeklies): Alameda Journal, Montclarion, Piedmonter, Berkeley Voice, El Cerrito Journal: 

What is Lasting Memories?  Lasting Memories is a website dedicated to your loved one and owned and administrated by you or someone in your family.

What will I see when I go into the Lasting Memories page?      The website will be set up to include some art and a copy of the obituary. From there you can customize as desired. There will be no advertising on the page. It will be exclusively dedicated to your loved one.

Do I have to fill out all of the "Search Field" information? 

No, the first and last name are required and are used for alphabetizing the notices in the Newspaper and locating them on-line. The only other field that is required is the email address. This allows us to contact you in the event of a question. It will also be used to provide you with information on adding extra information (additional photos, audio and video) to the guestbook site. The email address information will be provided to, the Bay Area News Group on-line provider and no one else.

How do I pay for an obituary notice? 

Notices placed by individuals must be prepaid using a credit card. Bay Area News Group uses the services of PayPal. Funeral Homes can be billed if they have an active account with Bay Area News Group but can also pay by credit card. The card can be either your company's or the family's. If you charge it to the family's card, you will need to change the billing information to match the credit card information.

How will I know if the newspaper receives my notice? 

You will receive a confirmation email once the order is filed. Orders are processed into the Bay Area News Group system as they are created.

Can a day be added to the order on the last day that it runs? 

Once the order reaches its last day of publication, it cannot be extended. You would have to create a new order.

What's the difference between the OnLine Obit (by and Lasting Memories?  Although they offer some of the same or similar features there are some very specific differences:

- OnLine Obits are accessed through the newspaper's website.

- In addition to locating local Obituaries you can also access those placed by about 800 newspapers nationwide.

- Searches can be conducted by name, location, newspaper and publication date.

- The guestbook is public however every entry is reviewed to ensure that the family does not receive inappropriate or hurtful content.

- There is archiving for genealogical research. This is limited to the Obituary text only.

- The Obituary and Guestbook are permanently accessible to the family.

- It is offered at no charge as  part of the Obituary package because it is considered an extension of the Obituary printed in the newspaper which serves to notify the public of your loved one's death.


- Lasting Memories is a website owned and administrated by the family. See the FAQ's below.


Lasting Memories FAQs:


It says Lasting Memories is a "Free" webpage. Are there any costs associated with it?  No. Bay Area News Group has opted to offer this at no charge as part of our Obituary Program offering.  It is our way of expressing condolences to your family.

 Lasting has a lot of listings. If these are administrated by the family why can I see them?  When created the basic page is public until the family specifies otherwise.  There are also Memorials that the family has designated as "Public" so they will always be viewable.  Once it is designated as "Private" it will not be seen and cannot be Googled.

My website has a number in it. What does that mean?  A number is usually assigned when there is more than one Memorial under the same name.  Lasting Memories is national and creates websites for families all over the U.S.

 What happens if I designate my memorial as "Private"?   It will not show up on the Lasting Memories Memorial list and cannot be located through a Google Search.

 Can I change the page design? Yes, there are several options. Once you sign on to your webpage you will see instructions.

 Where can I get more information on my Lasting Memories page?  Once you sign on you will see a FAQ option.

 What is an "OnLine Only Obituary?"   Bay Area News Group acknowledges that there are families that prefer digital but still want to formally notify the community of their loved one's death. The OnLine Only Obituary offers you all of the amenities of san jose mercury news obituaries submit standard Obituary with the exception of printing in the newspaper.  It allows you to craft a well written and presented notice that can be posted to social media including Facebook and Twitter.  


No portion of may be copied, published, distributed, or used in any manner for any purpose without prior written authorization of Funeral Funds of America san jose mercury news obituaries submit Funds) or

The information on this website is being provided for informational or educational purposes only. By using this website, you agree that you have read and agree to our Terms and Conditions. Our Privacy Policy clearly states that your information will not be sold, shared, or given away to anyone else under any circumstances.

Funeral Funds is an independently operated life insurance agency licensed to operate in all 50 states. We specialize in 1st-day coverage insurance providers for our clients. In order to offer life insurance in the state you live in, we have licensed agents who are properly licensed and appointed life insurance producers in your state that will assist with your insurance needs. Product and policy availability, features, and benefits may vary by state.

A licensed Funeral Funds agent will provide you information on your policy features and benefits, costs, and holliday grainger pics details on coverage to help you determine if the products we offer are suitable for your insurance needs.  Chase online access suspended text you are approved for coverage and receive your policy, read your policy to review your coverage under the policy, exclusions, and limitations, what you must do to keep your policy in force, and what, if anything, would cause your policy to be discontinued.

Depending on your needs and circumstances, your policy may be underwritten and approved by any of the following companies offered by Funeral Funds now or in the future: AIG, American Amicable, Accendo Life Insurance Company (AENTA), Americo, Baltimore Life, Christian Fidelity, Columbian Financial Group, Family Benefit Life, Foresters Financial, Gerber Life, Great Western, Guarantee Trust Life, Liberty Bankers Life, Mutual of Omaha (United of Omaha), Oxford Life, Prosperity Life Group, Royal Neighbors of America, Sentinel Security Life, Transamerica, Trinity Life, or United Home Life. Each insurance company is solely responsible for the life-long financial obligations for the products it issues.

The information provided by Funeral Funds is not intended as investment, financial, or retirement advice. We do not provide financial investment advice, and our services do not constitute comprehensive financial planning. Please consult with your tax and legal advisers regarding tax and investment advice for your personal circumstances.


How Much Do Obituaries Cost?

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Traditional obituaries that are posted in the newspaper are much more expensive than most people expect them to be. The average cost of an obituary is generally between $200-$500 and that usually does not include a photo. The size and reach of the newspaper can also determine how expensive the obituary may be. For example, the New York Times charges $236 for the first four lines and $50 per line after that. Each line is written in size 7 Serif font (a notoriously small font) and is only 28 characters long. For reference, a traditional obituary typically has around 700 characters in it, which can rack up the costs of a printed obituary real quick.

Because newspaper obituaries are so expensive and fewer people read a physical paper, more and more people are publishing obituaries online. Many newspapers still charge for this (generally around $50), but you can publish an obituary for free on Ever Loved.

The downside with some online obituaries is that many websites (including those hosted by newspapers) will clutter the obituary page with ads (something we do not do). Some of these websites even have pop-up ads that interrupt the reader as they read through an obituary. If you choose to post an online obituary, try to do some research before posting. Many sites allow you to browse memorials that have recently been posted which can give you a good idea for what yours will look like once it’s up.

Create a memorial website

Why are obituaries so expensive?

Traditionally, obituaries that were posted in the newspaper were often times the best way to spread the news that someone had passed. Local papers were essential, alerting everyone of important news and updates that affected the local community.

With the rise and everyday necessity of the internet, newspapers have slowly but surely been losing out on subscribers. According to, the total number of circulating newspapers (online included) was 28.5 million in 2018, down from 62.5 million in 1986. Newspapers are forced to turn from traditional print to online methods as more and more people turn hotels in tarrant county texas digital outlets to get their news. In an effort to stay afloat, many newspapers charge by the line or word for any printed obituaries they publish. If they offer online obituaries, they might include ads or links to other news stories that they can generate revenue off of. In short, obituaries are often expensive due to the actual cost of printing and the fact that there used to be very few alternatives.

Online obituaries, such as the free ones you can create here on Ever Loved, can vary in price, but are generally much cheaper than printed obituaries.

Where are obituaries usually posted?

Obituaries were traditionally posted in the local newspaper as a way to alert the community of someone’s passing. Since newspapers were the way in which most people received any type of news, printing obituaries in the paper was also an extremely effective way to spread news before the internet. Now that social media is the way in which most people connect and communicate with their communities, printing a traditional obituary is no longer a necessity and is often times not as effective as sharing news online.

Due to the average cost of a printed obituary being so high, many have turned to online sources as a place to post obituaries. There are a few things to consider when choosing which website you’d like to host your obituary. San jose mercury news obituaries submit are some questions you might want to ask when looking for the right website:

What do the obituaries look like?
Some memorial websites allow you to browse through their memorials to get a better idea of what their obituaries look like. You can also reach out to the company directly for some examples. (If you're interested in what Ever Loved memorial websites look like, feel free to email us at [email protected] for some examples.) It’s a good idea to check on these before posting one of your own to get an understanding of what you’re purchasing or signing up for.

What are the fees?
Depending on the website the obituary or memorial page can be absolutely free or cost a fee. Ever Loved is completely free and does not charge customers looking to create Memorial Pages. Some private websites charge around $35 for an obituary while newspapers tend to charge a little more due to their reputation and reach.

Are there ads?
If the website is letting you create a page for free, they most likely generate revenue from ads or partnerships. Check the existing pages and the signup information to see if there will be ads on your completed obituary page. Keep in mind that ads can detract from the experience of someone who wants to remember the person who has passed away. We do not use ads on Ever Loved and are run by tips from generous donors.

Can people post comments, photos, or memories?
If you’re interested in allowing others to actively participate in remembering a loved one, it’s important that the memorial page you choose allows people to share memories and photos. Check to see if your posted obituary is interactive and allows others to leave comments or share their own memories. If you’re interested in sharing a photo or memory on an existing Ever Loved Memorial Page, read our article on How to Post a Photo.

How long does the obituary stay up for?
Some online obituary sites have a time limit for the amount of time your obituary will stay posted on their site. You may also have the option to increase the length of time by paying additional hosting fees. Be sure to check how long the obituary will stay online for and if there are any associated fees with hosting the obituary.

Is there a character limit?
Obituaries posted on Ever Loved come with an unlimited amount of space for writing, but this may not be true for online obituaries hosted on other sites. If you have a lengthy obituary you're interested in posting, or simply don't want to be confined by a character limit, check with san jose mercury news obituaries submit company to see if there's a maximum amount that can be written.

Create a memorial website

Setting up a Memorial Fund or Donating to Charity
Funerals are expensive and often times, completely unexpected, leaving most families at a complete loss. If you’re struggling with how to pay for a funeral, you can use your Memorial Page to accept donations to a cause of your choice. We offer the option to raise money for a personal cause of your choice, raise money that gets sent directly to the funeral home, or creating a fundraiser for a charity of your choice -- free of charge. Many people have found success when in raising money after creating a Memorial Page and sharing it with their friends, family, and community.

Event Information
If you’re planning a funeral, you might also be planning a Celebration of Life, or have a few other events that you’d like people to be able to attend. Having Event Information and RSVP information readily available on the Memorial Page is a convenient way to alert others of upcoming events and to get an understanding for how many people you should be expecting at those events. You can place Event Information (and collect RSVPs) directly on your Memorial Page when you create one with Ever Loved.

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Ten Cent and Ant Group facing rstrictions in U. Sign up for San Jose News a daily newsletter full of things to discuss over drinks.

Oakland A's shortstop Marcus Semien on playoff loss to Astros: “Our backs were against the wall.”

Watch It Access More. Fair in San Jose. California News. Rams notch eight sacks, squash Washington San Jose News.

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Amazon will renew on your behalf at the lowest renewal rate then available to Amazon. Learn more about auto-renewal subscriptions on Amazon. San jose mercury news obituaries submit inthe San Jose Mercury News serves the San Jose area and Silicon Valley at large, and has been lauded for its authoritative reporting on the computer industry. In addition to winning two Pulitzers, it has also been recognized as one of the five best designed newspapers in the United States.

The Kindle Edition of San Jose Mercury News contains most articles found hyvee mankato ad the print edition, but will not include images and tables. Also, some features such as the crossword puzzle, box scores and classifieds are not currently available.

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Digital First Media. The New York Times. The Sacramento Bee. The McClatchy Company. About auto-renewal This subscription will automatically renew until you decide to cancel. International Shipping: This item is not eligible for international shipping. Learn More. More items to explore.The millions of dollars made from those sales were later used to fund a secret war against the leftist Sandinista regime. In short, Webb accused the CIA of being complicit in getting thousands of poor African-Americans addicted to crack in order to fund rebels in Central America.

It was accompanied by a heavy-handed picture of a man smoking crack under the CIA seal. Representative Maxine Waters, a congresswoman for South Central Los Angeles — the heart of the drug wars — requested both federal and congressional inquiries into the role that the U. Inthe Mercury News executive editor Jerry Ceppos backed away from the story, calling it flawed in an editorial.

However, he also noted that Webb disagreed with him on this point. Webb resigned from the paper shortly thereafter. The next year, he published a book titled Dark Alliance: The CIA, the Contras and the Crack Cocaine Explosion detailing his own reporting process and the controversy the series provoked.

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InWebb was found dead at the age of 49 from two gunshot wounds to the head. Police ruled it a suicide. Write to Eliana Dockterman at eliana. By Eliana Dockterman. Get our History Newsletter. Put today's news in context and see highlights from the archives. Please enter a valid email address.

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County of Santa Clara. Santa Clara Valley Water District. City of Santa Clara. Mostly Sunny in the day; while Mostly Clear during night. This forecast was created automatically using NWS data. Kansen Chu looks to solve housing crisis on the local united southern bank online login. The veteran lawmaker has spent the past six years commuting to Sacramento where he represents parts of Silicon Valley and the East Bay in the California Assembly.

As the weather gets colder, business owners often have steeper heating bills to pay to keep patrons comfortable.

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The presence of COVID also means restaurants will have to increase safety measures, especially if the county allows businesses to reopen indoors next week. Happy Hollow Park and Zoo is giving residents an outlet to channel their spookiest feelings this October. The zoo is hosting a virtual pumpkin decorating contest, where residents of all ages can submit an original pumpkin design—carved, painted or otherwise decorated—for the chance to win a Happy Hollow gift basket.

Two grand prize winners will be chosen based on an online voting system. San Jose, CA centerlinesoccer. How to Watch Timbers vs. Earthquakes: Lineups, odds, game thread. The Quakes won on Wednesday over the Vancouver Whitecaps, their good vibes extending beyond back-to-back wins over the Los Angeles teams. Now comes a very good test in the Timbers, the 2nd place team in the Western Conference, who comprehensively beat San Jose,when these teams met way back on Sept.

The district, one of the most diverse in Silicon Valley, faces financial problems due to declining enrollment and persistent racial gaps in student achievement.

The pandemic has only exacerbated the problems as the school board and district officials deal with distance learning, the digital divide and how and when to bring students back into the classrooms.

That and the potential for state funding cuts will only add to the financial pinch. A year-old man was walking in the area of Picasso Drive and Picasso Terrace about San Jose, CA starkinsider.

Clinton and Loni shot additional scenes for the San Jose, CA Patch 14h. Networking to address the housing crisis in Silicon Valley This post was contributed by a community member. Our speaker, Phil Mastrocola, manages the shelter at Grace Baptist Gilroy Patch.Local Spotlight? What is Local Spotlight? The Local Spotlight includes obituaries from participating funeral homes. Funeral homes wishing to feature obituaries, please contact us.

View Obituary. Arrangements Under the Care of. National Spotlight. Clarence Lux Pearl Harbor survivor. Whitey Ford Legendary Yankees pitcher. Alexander Horanzy U. Army veteran who survived Pearl Harbor.

Celebrities Who Served Photo Quiz Check out the slideshow of some of our favorite celebrities who served in the military. Can you identify the famous face in uniform? Famous Fathers Photo Quiz Think you know famous fathers and their celebrated sons and daughters?

Take our Father's Day photo quiz and test your knowledge of celebrity dads and kids. The Real San jose mercury news obituaries submit Kennedy Her style and grace were legendary, and her image came to define the s. She captured the hearts of world leaders, fashion icons and people all over the planet, who knew her as Jackie Kennedy, Jacqueline Onassis, or simply Jackie O. Take our quiz and find out. Latest Obituaries.

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Abbott, Richard L. Santa Clara, CA. Carrillo, Maria S.

san jose mercury news

Lowe, Margie R. Mitchell, Joyce Lynn. Noe, Fred J. View All obituaries Today. Recent Condolences for House, Diana Helen 3 entries. Rogus, Claire Patricia 3 entries.

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Ford Jr. Brooks, John O. Greene, David Martin 2 entries. Tindel, Elvin Clarence "Corky" 2 entries. Peters, Robert William 2 entries. Tucker, Charles Edwin 1 entry. Wright, Jacqueline. Cedar Lawn Cemetery Fernane, Sylvia. Duggan's Serra Mortuary Garcia, Ramiro.First published inthe Mercury News is the last remaining English-language daily newspaper covering the Santa Clara Valley. It became the Mercury News in after a series of mergers. During much of the 20th century, it was owned by Knight Ridder.

Because of its location in Silicon Valleythe Mercury News has covered many of the key events in the history of computing, and was a pioneer in delivering news online. The San Jose Mercury ' s name was a double entendre.

The word "mercury" refers to the importance of the mercury industry during the California Gold Rush. At the time, the nearby New Almaden mine now Almaden Quicksilver County Park was North America's largest producer of mercury, which was needed for hydraulic gold mining.

In walmart edmond ok i 35, Mercury is the Roman messenger of the gods as well as the god of commerce and thieves, known for his swiftness, so the name Mercury is commonly used for newspapers without the quicksilver association. The Mercury News ' s predecessor, the Weekly Visitorbegan as a Whig paper in the early s but quickly switched its affiliation to the Democratic Party.

Anderson for President in and has endorsed Democratic presidential candidates in every election since The newspaper now known san jose mercury news obituaries submit the Mercury News began in or A group of three businessmen led by John C.

Emerson bought the papers' presses to found the San Jose Weekly Visitor. It was renamed the Santa Clara Register in The following year, F. Murdoch took over the paper, merging it into the San Jose Telegraph. William N. Slocum soon dropped Telegraph from the name. James Jerome Owena forty-niner and former Republican New York assemblymanbecame the Mercury ' s publisher in the spring oflater acquiring a controlling interest in the paper along with a partner, Benjamin H.

Conmy as partner, [19] [20] and again from March 11,after the purchase of the Daily Guide. InOwen proposed to light San Jose with a moonlight tower. The San Jose electric light tower was dedicated that year.Add Entry.

Richard L. Abbott Nov. He was the 7th of eight siblings. Joseph "Ed" Axline.

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Born July 17, in Ellet, OH; he was one of seven children of Thomas Bambino Aug. The 3rd oldest of 9 children. He served in the army Louis Bruno June 27, - Sept. Bruno, 92, a leading engineer in the aerospace industry, passed away peacefully on Wednesday afternoon September 30, at his home in Los Gatos, CA after a protracted struggle with cancer.

A member of St. Mary of the Maria S. Carrillo Aug. Joyce Erickson March 20, - Sept. Erickson of Kansas City, Missouri. Joyce passed on Tuesday morning, September 8, in Born in Cuba inhe came to the U. Army and became a medic. During his service, he met Margie graduated from San Jose She "moved on to her next adventure" on September 9, She is and will be missed by former students, teachers, family and friends.

Alum Rock School District was Fred J.

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Fred's family moved to Richard Romney Dec. He was 75 years old. He was the eldest child of Mary Ann Wullenjohn February 18, — September 24, Resident of Sunnyvale Beloved mother, grandmother, community member and friend, Mary Ann Wullenjohn passed away peacefully in her sleep on September A loving, caring individual, she is sorely missed by family and In Loving Memory Paul E.

He gave Diana's career began in Eugene Levin - Resident of Sunnyvale Dr. Eugene Levin, aged 90, passed away after struggling with Lewy body dementia for several years. He was in his own home, having been lovingly attended by a team of long-term caregivers, assisted by Vitas Hospice nurses and For 77 years, life was an adventure that Pat filled with his relentless kindness and quiet sense of



The surf icon was an inventor who changed the world with the Boogie Board and other wild ideas
"(Cash) made us smile every day and be thankful for the life we had," Larry Ebright wrote. "He showed us that, if it made you smile, it was worth the effort. To put everything you had into the things you loved."
Colorful newspaperman, friend of Ken Kesey, Hunter S. Thompson, chronicled 1950s Chicago to Santa Cruz earthquake
Rich Harbour started his Seal Beach shop on Main Street in 1962, becoming the longest standing surf shop in its original location. The surfboard making icon eventually made 32,680 boards bearing his name.
Greg Noll, known as "Da Bull," pioneered surfing massive Hawaiian waves and was part of South Bay's legendary shapers who changed the sport.
A friend and a neighbor remembered Mike Rudometkin as someone san jose mercury news obituaries submit was always happy to share his skills and time.
Olympic legend Lee Evans of San Jose State fame has died at age 74 in a hospital in Nigeria.
For years he balanced his winemaking career and a medical practice in San Jose
Described as one of the region's "legendary talents," long-time Central Coast and Bay Area radio personality Laurie Roberts died Tuesday after a lengthy illness.
William Doyle, who led UCSC's Institute of Marine Sciences as founding director, has died at 91 in his Santa Cruz home.
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