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In 2012 Dallas-based architecture firm HKS was commissioned to design the venue called U.S. Bank Stadium. Designing such well-regarded stadiums. The Vikings play their games in the brand new U.S. Bank Stadium, which is located in Downtown Minneapolis. This stadium is an enclosed venue. The Minnesota Vikings are tackling opening a new stadium and launching a new app this coming season. The National Football League team will.

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Tour the Vikings New U.S. Bank Stadium with Chad Greenway \u0026 Kyle Rudolph - NFL

Minnesota vikings new stadium address -

The NFL has officially switched to a 17-game schedule. With the change, the Minnesota Vikings will get to see a new stadium much earlier than previously scheduled.

ESPN's Adam Schefter reported and confirmed that the NFL made the switch to a 17-game schedule. The extra game would go into the regular schedule rotation with the AFC and NFC switching home games each year. The AFC will host the extra game in 2021 with the NFC set to host in 2022.

The opponents will be determined based on division standings from the year before, much like the "common opponents" scheduling method for intraconference games. The new NFL 17-game schedule rotation will be as followed:

  • Six games against division opponents (Ex: NFC North vs. NFC North)
  • Four games against intraconference division (Ex: NFC North vs. NFC West in 2021)
  • Four games against interconference division (Ex: NFC North vs. AFC North in 2021)
  • Two "Common Opponent" intraconference games (Ex: NFC North/NFC East/NFC South. 3rd Place Vikings host 3rd place NFC East Cowboys and travel to 3rd place NFC South Panthers.
  • One AFC opponent interconference game (Ex: NFC North vs. AFC West 2021)

NFC North opponents will travel to AFC West teams to get the 17th game. Division winners Green Bay and Kansas City will play at Arrowhead Stadium. Chicago and Las Vegas will meet at Allegiant Stadium. Minnesota will go to Los Angeles to play the Chargers, and Detroit will play at Denver.

Minnesota will make a trip to the new SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles for the first time. The Vikings last played the Chargers in 2019 in Los Angeles at Dignity Health Sports Park and, under the 16-game format, were not scheduled to return to Los Angeles to play the Chargers until 2027.

With the Chargers and Rams playing at SoFi Stadium, the earliest the Vikings would have traveled to Los Angeles to play the Rams would have been 2024 prior to the switch to 17-games. Minnesota is scheduled to host the Rams in 2021 and then will host a common opponent from the NFC West in 2022 and 2023.

Under the 16-game schedule, the earliest the Vikings could have possibly played at SoFi Stadium would have been for Super Bowl LVI in February of 2022.

Based on the new 17th game rotation (and assuming the NFL will keep the two-year difference in interconference matchups), the NFC North would host teams from the AFC South in 2022 to complete the first cycle.

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Construction starts on the new Minnesota Vikings stadium using ArcelorMittal steel

ArcelorMittal Differdange, Luxembourg, will supply some 20% (3,000 tonnes) of the steel required for the construction of the new multi-purpose stadium in St. Paul, Minnesota (US).

Courtesy of Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority

Construction ceremonially kicked off on Tuesday, December 3, with a long-awaited groundbreaking outside Metrodome, the old stadium that will be demolished to make way for the new home of the NFL franchise Minnesota Vikings. The total cost of the project will be US$975m, of which around US$700m is construction costs. The new stadium is scheduled to open in time for the 2016 NFL season.

ArcelorMittal Differdange will provide grade 65 steel beams for long, high-calibre steel trusses that will be used in the soaring glass roof of the new stadium, with the main truss spanning across the roof.  While ArcelorMittal has more than 25 facilities in the US capable of producing a wide array of steel products serving many different markets, there is currently no facility that produces the steel needed for this construction project. ArcelorMittal USA, which operates an iron ore mine in Minnesota’s Iron Range, is proud that the ArcelorMittal family was able to provide safe, sustainable steel for this exciting project.

With a soaring prow – an architectural homage to the Vikings’ famous ships - the largest transparent roof in the US, and operable doors that open to a three-acre plaza and views of the downtown skyline, the facility’s openness and sleek geometric exterior will make it a unique stadium, unlike any other in the country.

The new stadium will seat 65,000 people and could expand to accommodate 73,000 fans during major sporting events. It will include 125 suites, 7,500 club seats, and space for gift shops, restaurants, an NFL team museum and hall of fame.

The stadium will be owned and operated by the Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority and the Vikings will be contracted to call it their home for at least 30 years. Additionally, the stadium will be available 355 days a year for public uses, including cultural celebrations and entertainment events.

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U.S. Bank stadium pulled out all the stops

U.S. Bank stadium pulled out all the stops

The Vikings have a new home in 2016 -- it opens for football in Sunday's preseason game against the Chargers (1 ET, FOX) -- and when constructing U.S. Bank Stadium, the club spared no expense. Here are some of the coolest features the fans in Minnesota will get to experience this season and beyond. (Pictures courtesy of the Minnesota Vikings)
60 percent of the roof is clear

60 percent of the roof is clear

Any stadium in Minnesota should have a roof to protect its teams from the harsh weather, but the Vikings did what they could to give it as much of an outdoor feel as possible. 60 percent of the roof is made of ETFE (ethylene-tetra-fluoro-ethylene), which is intended to give fans an outdoor experience in a climate-controlled environment. So don't make fun of fans you see wearing sunglasses indoors, especially during the first month of the regular season.
Legacy Gate
One of the stadium's signature design features is the Legacy Gate, which is made up of five of the world's largest glass doors. They range from 75 to 95 feet tall, and each one extends 55 feet across while weighing 57,000 pounds.
1,300 Wi-Fi access points throughout the stadium

1,300 Wi-Fi access points throughout the stadium

In this day and age of social media, fans absolutely hate it when they're at a stadium or arena and can't get on their cell phones to share what's going on. The Vikings attempted to address this by placing a ton of Wi-Fi access points throughout the venue, and they put them right in the handrails next to the seats to be as close to the fans as possible.
The Legacy Ship
The Legacy Ship is a 160-foot long sculptural landmark that sits as an anchor at one end of the stadium. A 2,000 square-foot curved LED video board standing 55 feet tall serves as the ship's sail and the stadium marquee. Inspired by legendary Viking ships, the Legacy Ship is constructed of contemporary metals, stone, concrete and wood and features landscaping, theatrical lighting, sounds and smoke effects. More than 14,000 fans purchased personally engraved commemorative Legacy Bricks, which will make up approximately 3,500 square feet of the ship’s deck.
Turf suites that put fans incredibly close to the action

Turf suites that put fans incredibly close to the action

U.S. Bank Stadium has 23 Turf Suites that put fans just 25 feet from the playing field. It's the closest fans can get to watch NFL action in person. 
Two of the best-positioned LED video boards in the NFL

Two of the best-positioned LED video boards in the NFL

The video boards at U.S. Bank Stadium are far from the league's biggest, and in fact, rank just 10th in the category of size. But the team believes the combination of screen quality and the placement of the boards (which are as low as possible in natural sight lines so fans don't have to look away from the action) makes them the most fan-friendly in the NFL. 
Vikings Voyage, an interactive fan space

Vikings Voyage, an interactive fan space

Located on the Upper Club level in the northwest corner of U.S. Bank Stadium is a 10,000-square foot interactive space that gives fans a dynamic experience. They have the opportunity to participate in combine-themed events, including catching passes while wearing a virtual reality Vikings helmet, running the three-crone drill against a current Vikings player's pace and hitting a tackling sled that measures impact force. This area is privately funded by the Vikings and is free to fans of all ages during all Vikings events.
Food options that highlight the Minneapolis-St. Paul community’s cuisine

Food options that highlight the Minneapolis-St. Paul community’s cuisine

The Vikings partnered with Aramark to deliver a world-class menu infused with Minnesota flavor, including local favorites like Gavin Kaysen’s Spoon and Stable, Ike’s Food & Cocktails and Revival Restaurant. The Vikings wanted to showcase some of the great tastes and flavors of the region, and the team partnered with 20 local restaurants to bring the idea to life.
An impressive art collection

An impressive art collection

U.S. Bank Stadium has a collection of hundreds of pieces of art, specifically commissioned from primarily local Minnesota artists. After receiving 1,100 submissions, more than 40 artists (including 36 from Minnesota) were selected to contribute 350 original pieces of work, 250 photographs and two concourse murals. This one is a picture of Prince, made up of his song lyrics.
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U.S. Bank Stadium will bring Vikings fans close to elements, game action

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Closer to the field. Closer to the players. Closer to the Minnesota winter (without fear of frostbite). The brand-new U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis will have it all for Vikings fans when it opens in July.

The newest NFL stadium offers over 18 different styles of seating, including suites closer to the field than any other building in the league, additional “Touchdown Suites” in the east end zone and a new class of premium general admission with dedicated concourses. And with 66,200 seats broken down into 8,000 club seats, suites and more, fans can experience it all while enjoying the lights of downtown Minneapolis from indoors.

U.S. Bank Stadium is nearly twice the size of the Metrodome, the Vikings’ previous home—twice the concourse width, twice the restroom capacity and so on. The south side of the stadium’s roof is made out of ​ethylene-tetraflouroethylene​, or ETFE, a space-age plastic that is strong, lightweight and translucent. At 240,000 square feet, it is the largest ETFE-clad roof in North America. Combine the natural lighting from the roof with the world’s largest operable glass doors on the west end, and this indoor venue has an outdoor vibe.

Used in stadium construction around the world for about 30 years, ETFE hasn’t really taken off in North America—until now. Vikings project executive Don Becker says the stadium’s ETFE “pillows” include three layers of foil, each with a stabilizing air supply. Set inside aluminum frames and attached to the 989 foot-long steel single-ridge truss spanning the entire length of the field, the pillows also have a printed pattern that help reflect the sun. The roof’s frame is set asymmetrically to provide more coverage for the north side of the building. The ETFE pillows pair with a more traditional steel and PVC membrane roof on the north side for one of the lightest roofs in any similarly sized stadium and the world’s only superframe construction of its kind.

Vikings have laid the foundation of the NFL’s next great defense

​“How do we have a unique building that fits the culture and weather in Minnesota with cold, ice and snow?” Becker says. “We wanted it to be indoors. Retractable doesn’t give you that outdoor feeling. Transparent on one side and glass on one end gave that outdoor feeling. When I walk in and see the amount of sunlight coming in, even with clouds going over, it has an outdoor feel.”

The ETFE may have another unexpected benefit: Eric Grentz, construction executive for builder Mortenson Construction, says that sound engineers believe the ETFE will reverberate noise unlike any roofing material in the league.

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The exterior of the building resembles an A-framed ship with the prow pointing east, a distinctly Northern European design that gives Minneapolis a distinct new visual. The style also serves a purpose by helping move snow off the roof and into gutters, according to HKS architect Bryan Trubey, who designed the building. While much of the exterior features black zinc metal that will weather to gray, expect plenty of glass to go around, including at the top of the building to give the roof a floating effect. Operable doors can also let the elements in when the weather is warm enough.

The west entrance opens up onto a plaza and offers views of downtown Minneapolis from inside the building, thanks to five giant doors made of glass from Owatonna, Minn., each 55 feet wide and descending from 95 feet to 75 feet in height in alignment with the slope of the building.

The doors are the one of five entrances expected to welcome 70% of all fans on game day. The Vikings expect to leave them open for games in warmer months and close them in favor of traditional during the colder months.

The west entrance leads to the 2.7-acre plaza, which includes a 159 foot-tall Vikings ship that will serve as a photo destination for fans. The sail doubles as a video board, one of two outside the stadium walls (the other will be installed on the stadium’s exterior).

Vikings give Harrison Smith the contract to match his elite value

​Beyond the plaza, a new four-acre city park connects to the stadium property, and millions of dollars worth of development surround it. The Vikings say the park will receive heavy use during major events, such as the 2018 Super Bowl and the 2019 NCAA Final Four. A brand-new sky bridge—a popular winter walkway choice in Minneapolis—connects the stadium to adjacent light rail stations, parking garages and new development.

HKS—the same firm that designed the stadiums for the Cowboys and Colts and is working on the new ETFE-heavy Inglewood project in Los Angeles. The various styles of seating within the seven-level venue include 8,000 club seats, six club lounges, eight Touchdown Suites located in the end zone and Turf Suites located at field level 25 feet from the sideline, the closest suite option at any NFL stadium. Located behind the Vikings’ sideline, the Delta Sky360 Club offers fans a glimpse of the players as they walk through for warmups before the game and at halftime.

On the west end of the stadium is the Purple Club, a fantasy football zone with couches, high-tech video walls and even an outdoor patio. There’s also a platform for the Vikings’ new Gjallarhorn—the main horn broke apart in January during the team’s bitterly cold home playoff loss to the Seahawks.

Fans enter at the main concourse level. With the field sunk 50 feet below grade, fans won’t all be going in one direction upon entry. Within a 360-degree concourse that offers near-continuous views into the playing field, fans can stay connected to the action with 2,000 television screens and two large videoboards, one at each end. Instead of choosing a giant center-hung board, the Vikings lowered the height of the boards and placed them behind the lower bowl at either end. The larger of the two, on the west end, measures 8,160 square feet, the 10th largest in the league.

Breakout players to get familiar with ahead of the 2016 season

For a local culinary tie-in, celebrity chef Andrew Zimmern will work with Aramark to put together a mix of foods that play well regionally, taking cues from the fare found at the Minnesota State Fair. On top of that, expect fun Minneapolis favorites such as the Juicy Lucy stuffed burger.

A publicly owned facility, U.S. Bank Stadium was designed to host soccer, concerts, trade shows and more events, including baseball games, a capability made possible by a robust 32-row retractable seating design on the north side.

Fans will stay protected from the elements and close to the action every step of the way as the Vikings players leave their locker room—with lockers made of stone—and hit the turf.

What excites Vikings chief operating officer Kevin Warren most about the new venue is all the lasting memories and stories that will happen within it. “We’ve created a building and atmosphere that will create memories that will last forever,” he says.

Tim Newcomb covers stadiums, sneakers and technology for Sports Illustrated. Follow him on Twitter at @tdnewcomb.

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Video: Construction of New Roof at Minnesota Vikings Stadium

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 December 29, 2015 - Contact FacilitiesNet Editorial Staff »

U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis is currently under construction and on schedule to serve as the home of the Minnesota Vikings NFL franchise starting with the 2016 season.

The stadium is 80 percent complete, and the roof enclosure was completed in late-November. Vikings fans have followed the construction of the new stadium as well as the demolition of the team’s old home, the Metrodome, online courtesy of EarthCam, which provides webcam content, technology and services.

EarthCam provided a one-minute long time-lapse video of the deflation of the Metrodome roof to the roof installation at U.S.Bank Stadium — an interesting video for Vikings, NFL and fans of rising and raising buildings.

The time-lapse is courtesy of www.earthcam.net.


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U. S. Bank Stadium

Transparent is the New Retractable Roof

It is easy to see why the U.S. Bank Stadium field is so bright, with 60 percent of the roof being transparent, allowing in natural daylight. Some of the individual Texlon® ETFE panels are over 110m long (300 feet), resulting in a significant reduction in the weight of the supporting structure.

Stadium and arena designs have changed over the last 15 years. No matter the location around the world there are commonalities in overall design results, and they are the comfort and experience of the individuals in these stadiums. Each new stadium brings more advanced technology and more efficiencies than the last. Large stadiums are no longer reserved just for sporting events; they are multi-faceted destinations. Professional sports teams share their space for special events and musical concerts. Olympic stadia are transformed into usable spaces post Olympics as well. Vector Foiltec has been an integral part of the transformation of stadia, both old and new, with their Texlon® ETFE (ethylene tetrafluoroethylene) technology.

New Era in Stadium Transparent Roof Construction

The early completion of the new home of the Minnesota Vikings, marked a new era in stadium construction. By utilizing Vector Foiltec’s transparent Texlon® ETFE system for 60% of the roof at U.S. Bank Stadium, sunlight comes in, but simultaneously keeps snow, rain, cold and heat out. The superb construction is the largest ETFE roof in North America, spanning 22,000 m² (240,000 square feet), and the first completed stadium to incorporate this technology. Vector Foiltec collaborated with a talented team of architects to help engineer a roof that could withstand harsh winter conditions, while maintaining an aesthetically pleasing roof design. The 2016 NFL fan experience and feedback has been immensely positive!

Super Bowl 2018

On February 4, 2018, U.S. Bank Stadium was the home of Super Bowl LII. The fans loved the views to the outside, while they were simultaneously being protecting from snow, rain and cold.

LEED Gold Certification

As with most projects in the United States, U.S. Bank Stadium planned for LEED certification after its completion. In November 2017, it has received Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Gold certification. Vector Foiltec’s Texlon ETFE system is part of the strategy to reduce the ecological footprint. The weight of the steel roof structure is less due to implementation of ETFE, and the adjusted transparency of the technology will allow for less artificial lighting, while helping control solar heat gain.

What Our Clients Are Saying

“When we were planning the construction of U.S. Bank Stadium, we recognized that for the ETFE roof system, the first of its kind in a major US stadium and in Minnesota’s climate, we needed the expertise of the world leader in this highly specialized field. We chose Vector Foiltec as our partner and they became an integral and invaluable member of the project design and construction team.”

– John Wood, Mortenson, Senior Vice President


The U.S. Bank Stadium has been recognized with the 2018 American Architecture Award by The Chicago Athenaeum. They were also recognized with the2019 Venue Excellence Award.

Learn more about ETFE and stadium design.


Date 2015
Location Minneapolis, MN, USA
Sector Sport/Leisure
Size 22,000 m²
Structure Steel
Type Roof
Architects HKS

Expert Contact

Alexander Jafari

Vice President of Business Development


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