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Can be a word for the password. T-Mobile Prepaid, The account number is your phone number (including area code). The passcode is a 4-digit PIN number. What's the make, model, and serial number of the device you're claiming? Have your T-Mobile PIN or myT-Mobile.com user ID and password handy. The recent T-Mobile customer data compromise affected up to 100 million Importantly, no phone numbers, account numbers, PINs, passwords.

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T Mobile Short Codes For Account Balance ID Phone Number Messages Data And More

How do I find my T Mobile ID?

If you have a postpaid account, like one of our Magenta plans, you can find your account number in My T-Mobile.
  1. Log in to My T-Mobile? with your T-Mobile ID and password.
  2. View your account number in the upper-right corner of the screen.

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Also asked, how do I get my T Mobile ID?

T-Mobile app

  1. Open the T-Mobile app.
  2. On the Welcome screen, tap Get a T-Mobile ID.
  3. Enter your registration information and tap Sign me up.
  4. Enter the code from the text message we sent to your mobile device and tap Next.
  5. Follow the on-screen steps to complete your registration.

Furthermore, how do I find my T mobile account number and PIN? T-Mobile

  1. Account number: The nine-digit number that can be found in the upper right-hand corner of any bill or in your online account.
  2. PIN number: You will need to contact T-Mobile at 1-877-453-1304.

Accordingly, what is the T Mobile ID?

T-Mobile Name ID is an application that shows you the names and phone numbers of your callers, even if they're not in your address book.

How do I setup my t mobile pin and account number phone?

Follow t mobile pin and account number setup wizard and sign into or create a new Android account.


  1. Sign into you Google account on the old phone select the options to back up.
  2. You can install Google Photos on both devices for easy photo transfer.
  3. Move the SIM card from your old phone to the new one if they are the same size.
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This morning, reading in bed, I got a very worrying notification:

This is the notification you would receive if someone was in the process of taking control of your phone number, which could then give them access to other accounts where you had used that phone number as a backup or for two-factor authentication. So I was very concerned!

In case this was a different sort of scam, however, I wasn't about to call the phone number (which could be anyone) but I visited the website and talked to someone over chat. They confirmed that my pin had been changed, but also said that since I have a prepaid account they couldn't tell me more than that. They told me to call T-Mobile customer support at 611.

When I called 611, they looked into it, and said that this was an automatic message sent as part of migrating my account to a new billing system. They confirmed no one had reset my pin other than their automated system.

I'm disappointed in T-Mobile for either not realizing their migration would trigger this message, or deciding to go ahead with it despite the user impact.

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Porting to T-Mobile t mobile pin and account number

Posted By: Edward Mance

Porting a phone number to T-Mobile is the process of moving the number from the current carrier (losing carrier) to T-Mobile (winning carrier). This is not the same thing as call forwarding – where an inbound call is simply forwarded to a different number. With porting, the number becomes part of the winning carrier’s network.


  • Porting a phone number to a wireless carrier such as T-Mobile is the simples of all port types.
  • It requires no paperwork to be submitted as part of the port request.
  • And it takes the lease amount of time – approximately 3 business days.


  • Gather current account information for the carrier account where the new number is right now.
  • Submit that information to T-Mobile. They will submit it to the losing carrier.
  • Reprogram outbound caller ID on your wireless phone handset.
  • Wait approximately 3 business days for the number to start working automatically.


  • Carrier currently holding the number
  • Account number
  • Account PIN (not the t mobile pin and account number pin)
  • Name on account
  • Address on account, including zip code
  • Tax ID on the account – only necessary for an ATT Mobility port; T-Mobile does not ask for it.

Normally only the account number and pin will be required. But, once in in a while the T-Mobile rep may ask for the other details mentioned above.

You do not need to bring in any documentation. Just the information is sufficient.


Also, if you are porting from a landline carrier, you will need to have T-Mobile submit the name and address on the losing carrier’s account in the port request. However, T-Mobile removed, for quick loans for bad credit online unknown reason, the name and address fields on their port request interface given to their in store and over the phone representatives. The result is that the request will bounce for “wrong” account information. Or T-Mobile will not get any kind of a response. This added step is a hard requirement that most landline and even VOIP carriers have in order to more firmly put number security into place. In this case, you will need to contact the Landline Casework Department at the number listed at the end of this article.


If you have a spare T-Mobile SIM card, or if you will be replacing the number on an existing SIM card, call 611 SEND or call the T-Mobile Number Transfer Center at 877-789-3106 on your T-Mobile handset, or optionally go into an T-Mobile store to initiate the port request. If you are opening a new account, or are adding a line to an existing account but do not have a new SIM card, you will need to to to a store.

You must have an unlocked handset (able to work on any network in order to perform the port).


The T-Mobile representative will ask you if you want to port your new number to an existing line (i.e., replace an existing phone number) or to a new line. If it is to a new line, you will need to have a new line added to your T-Mobile account first. T-Mobile may provide you with a temporary number just for this purpose. The temporary number will be replaced by your new number when the porting process completes. It does not matter which area code the temporary number is in.

If you are porting your new number to an existing line, you will be porting the new number “over top of” the existing number – which means you will lose the old/current number permanently. So if you need to keep the old number, then open a new line for the new number. You may want to consider using call forwarding from the old number to the new number so you don’t miss any calls.


T-Mobile does not charge a fee for porting a new number in, but they generally charge about $20 for a new SIM card. There may also be an activation fee if you are adding a new line or are starting a new line on a new account. Ask them if they could waive the fee. Sometimes it works, sometimes it does not.

If you are porting your new number over top of an existing one, your existing 2 year contract period will not be restarted. So if you have, for example, 5 months left on your contract, only the 5 months will be left on the line after your port request goes through. But confirm this with your representative just to make sure a mistake is not made.


Unlike with Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile does not need to program the phone handset. The intelligence of what the telephone number is and will be is transmitted to the handset through the SIM card, and not the handset such as in Verizon Wireless.


If your number is being ported from another wireless carrier, the acknowledgement and approval of the port request by the losing carrier can usually be instantaneous.

That is because the FCC has required there to be automated porting systems between carriers.

Hence, a wireless-to-wireless port will normally take less t mobile pin and account number 24 hours to complete, including over the weekends. However, it might take only 5-10 minutes.

If your number is being ported from a landline or VOIP carrier this will normally take about 3-4 business days (not calendar days).

This is because landline/VOIP carrier port-out departments do not work weekends, and their porting systems are not automated to the same degree that wireless carrier porting departments are.

Your T-Mobile representative may incorrectly estimate that the port will take 24 hours or less if they are not familiar with landline/VOIP ports.

Conversely, a representative may tell you that the port may take 5 days, 10 days or even 15 days. This will be incorrect as well. The representatives may simply want to overestimate the port times so that they do not falsely set your expectations to the short side.


If the losing carrier is a landline or VOIP carrier, you can contact T-Mobile after one to two business days (not calendar days) to get an FOC date. The FOC date is the port date that the losing carrier has scheduled your number to port to AT&T Mobility. (They are also given the planned time of day for the port, however you will rarely be offered that information).


Your new number will automatically start to work on your handset once the port has completed.

You will normally get a text message from T-Mobile to let you know that the port request is complete and the number is now functioning on the new handset, though not always.

However, be aware that, even then, it is not guaranteed to be fully functioning properly; this can take another day or two as explained in the next point.


This is something T-Mobile rarely tells you but is important. Sometimes during the 24-48 hour period after a port is “complete” some inbound calls security bank online philippines still get routed to the losing carrier even while outbound calls will be functioning normally. This period is called a Dual Service or Mixed Service period. It can happen because it may take a day or two for all of the primary switches in the telephone network to be reset so that all inbound calls get routed to the correct carrier and handset. This rarely happens, but, unfortunately, it can happen while the change works its way through the multiplicity of carrier systems involved. There is no benefit to contacting T-Mobile about this problem unless it lasts for longer than 2 days.


Text messaging capabilities can sometimes take up t mobile pin and account number 3 business days longer to begin functioning normally. There is no need to contact T-Mobile about this unless it has been longer than 3 days after your new number has begun working with voice service.


611 SEND may be used to reach the T-Mobile customer service department from your T-Mobile phone.

To check to see whether a number is eligible to be ported into your T-Mobile service, go the following link: https://www.t-mobile.com/switch/

To get the FOC date, you will still need to call the porting department.

You can reach the T-Mobile Number Transfer Center at 1-877-789-3106. If you are porting from a landline carrier and are experiencing difficulty with the port, ask them to connect you to the Landline Casework Department. They will definitely be able to help out.

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How To What time is safeway open today Your Mint Mobile Account Number & PIN

On major carriers, getting your account number is a breeze. It is printed on every bill and readily available from your online account.

However, for some carriers getting your account number is more of a hassle. It's not in your online account. It's not printed on any of your bills or invoices. And it's not in some secret tab in the application. It's completely hidden!

Unfortunately, Mint Mobile is one of those carriers.

Previously, you had to call in to Mint Mobile customer support to get your account number and PIN. When I called in a while back to get this information, it was a total hassle! I spent 20 minutes on hold waiting for the next available customer care agent. I spent 5 minutes answering questions to verify my identity (which is good––you don't want any random person getting your account number). But then I was transferred to the porting department, where I spent another 5 minutes on hold and had to re-verify my identity all over again!


Thankfully, Mint Mobile has improved this process quite a lot since then.

Instead of having to call in to get your account number and PIN, you can now get this information in 5 minutes directly within the Mint Mobile application.

Mint recently updated their app with t mobile pin and account number new support tab, and within the support tab you can quickly and easily message a customer care agent to get your account number and PIN.

Step-by-step guide to get your Mint Mobile account number and PIN

  1. Download the Mint Mobile application on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.
  2. Sign in to your Mint Mobile account
  3. Go to the Support Tab and tap the orange "Start a conversation" button
  4. Type in "Account Number" in the message field and hit send
  5. The Fox Bot chat bot will prompt you with two options. Tap "To Port Out"
  6. You will be placed in a queue to chat with the next available Mint customer care agent. For me, this took 5 minutes and 49 seconds to be connected.
  7. Politely ask the customer care agent for your Account Number and PIN
  8. The customer care agent will verify your identity by sending you an SMS authentication code. Reply back with the authentication code
  9. Once you've verified your identity, the agent will share your account number and PIN
  10. You're done!

And that's it! This entire process took me about 10 minutes. I was never on hold, and could easily do other things while I was waiting to connect with the customer care agent. I think Mint Mobile has done a great job improving the process for getting your account number and PIN.

Why do I even need my account number and PIN?

Great question.

You need your account number and PIN to transfer, or "port", your phone number from one carrier to another. It's a valuable piece of information to have and keep on record.

If you're feeling tech savvy, you can also use Chrome's inspect page elements feature to find your account number and PIN. Check out the tutorial on Reddit.

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Transfer (port out) your number to another carrier FAQs

If you have a standard account*, the first step is to request a Number Transfer PIN. In order to transfer your Verizon number to another carrier, you will need to provide this PIN and your Verizon Account Number as authorization for the transfer. How do I request a Number Transfer PIN?

Once you've received your Number Transfer PIN and Verizon Account Number, you can t mobile pin and account number the number transfer (or port out) process with your new t mobile pin and account number If you plan on trading your device, please obtain the Number Transfer PIN prior to returning the device.

If you're a prepaid customer or have a business account, you'll continue using the Billing Account Pin and Verizon Account Number when transferring your number.

Important: Do not disconnect your Verizon phone t mobile pin and account number before requesting the number transfer from your new carrier.

The new carrier will contact Verizon at the appropriate time to transfer your Verizon number and disconnect your line. If you disconnect your Verizon line before contacting the new carrier to transfer your phone number, you’ll have to reactivate your Verizon number first before you can port it out.

Источник: https://www.verizon.com/support/port-out-faqs/
t mobile pin and account number

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